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Operation Deflection as Ibrox club blame SNP for fan ban

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The club from Ibrox have released an attack on the Scottish Government as they attempt to deflect attention away from their in-house anti-Catholic prejudice.

On Sunday afternoon Nicola Sturgeon turned the focus on the club after 15,000 followers broke the Covid rules and turned Glasgow city centre into a war zone.

The usual excuses were put out by the club but a video of their players enjoying the add-ons to Sweet Caroline turned the spotlight inside Ibrox.

Police Scotland announced on Monday afternoon that they were investigating the contents of the video with a subsequent club statement failing to deny the allegations. No original video has been offered up in defence.

Rather than address their anti-Catholic prejudices Managing Director has opted to blame the Scottish Government for Saturday’s carnage because they wouldn’t allow 10,000 Covidiots inside a Tier 3 stadium!

In his exclusive interview with the Press Association run by BT Sport they report Robertson saying:

“I’d be grateful if you could explore the possibility of us allowing some supporters into the stadium when we play Aberdeen on Saturday the 15th of May,” wrote Robertson in his letter to a high-ranking Government officer.

“As you know we are keen to ensure that we minimise the risk of crowds gathering outside the stadium or in other areas of Glasgow and Scotland on the day.

“We believe that we can have a better chance to achieve this if we were to be allowed to have fans in Ibrox Stadium to attend not only the match on the 15th of May but also on the days following the match when we could have players at the stadium to parade the trophy within the stadium.”

Robertson said Rangers felt their plans would “allow us to send a very positive and strong message to our supporters that only those with access on the particular day should be in the vicinity of the stadium”.

The club appealed for a “concession” on the Tier 3 ban on crowds at sporting venues based on falling infection numbers and rising vaccination rates, adding “the fact that the supporters will be outside” means “by the 15th of May the risk will have decreased even further”.

Businesses across Glasgow had been building up for Tier 2 status on Monday but were given three days’ notice that they would remain in Tier 3.

Opening up a football stadium and inviting 10,000 to visit on five consecutive days would have made the law breaking by Dominic Cummings seem small fry while hard working businesses weren’t allowed to trade.

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