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Bile and Hatred? How Michael Stewart owned Murdo Fraser in Twitter clash

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Michael Stewart lured into a Twitter clash then watched the Tory run for cover over the challenge of a public debate.

Unlike most in politics and the media the former Scotland midfielder isn’t prepared to allow ‘sectarianism’ to blow over after 48 hours of fake outrage as racists marched through city centre with a police escort.

A fortnight after that event nine people have been arrested and charged with the remainder free to carry out their hatred.

Having cynically nurtured the Ibrox/Orange/Unionist vote to ensure a political presence in Scotland Fraser and his fellow Tory List MSPs have been careful to avoid any condemnation or contribution to solving the issue.

On Scotland Tom Devine highlighted the problem as ‘Rangers’ specific, asking why racists attach themselves to that club. Fraser recently produced an article for claiming that the Ibrox side were victims of an SNP witch hunt. That will be the party that provided Douglas Park with an interest free bail out to the tune of £3.2m earlier this year.

If Fraser thinks that the issue will blow over he is mistaken, this Saturday City Council and will facilitate 34 Orange Marches through the city streets.

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