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Clancy watch: How Celtic committed four times as many fouls as Dundee United despite 63% possession

Image for Clancy watch: How Celtic committed four times as many fouls as Dundee United despite 63% possession

Yet again in a Celtic home match the crime count has shown an incredible amount of fouls by Ange Postecoglou’s side.

This isn’t a one off, it has happened in previous home matches against Hearts and St Mirren where Celtic enjoy more than 60% possession but manage to concede the bulk of the free kicks.

There was plenty for Celtic fans to dispute in the performance of Kevin Clancy in Sunday’s 1-1 draw, his decision not to send off Benji Siegrist for a waist high kick at Liel Abada possibly being the most obvious issue.

According to the BBC website Celtic had 63% possession, Postecoglou’s side were on the ball for about twice the amount of time United were in control. Despite that disparity Celtic gave away 12 fouls with United only conceding five!

If the ball was in play for 60 minutes Celtic were in control for 37 minutes and 48 seconds. A Celtic player was fouled every eight minutes while on the ball.

With just 22 minutes and 12 seconds of possession United were given 12 free kicks, they were fouled every two minutes.

In summary, under Kevin Clancy Celtic were committing fouls four times as often as United.

CLICK HERE for full BBC Scotland match stats.

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  • Jack says:

    United players going down to easy Pawlett has been booked afew times already thus season says ref said he should have gave united a penalty this is a man that has been proved in civil court to be a liar some crimes you don’t deserve a second chance should not be playing football. scum

  • Tom McIlwham says:

    I watched the game, Peter Pawlett was diabolical, dropped like a stone every time someones was within 5 yards of him and Clancy was even worse for letting him away with it by giving him the cheap mould, reminded me of Neymar

  • Matt McCaffrey says:

    Yes, Clancy is either thr most inconsistent and incompetent referee in Scotland or he has an agenda against Celtic. I spent so much time getting frustrated by his decisions during the game.

  • Jim says:

    They had a stone wall penalty yet no mention of it. Lets just concentrate on our defficiences rather than shifting blame

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