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David Edgar fires back as he takes on the Daily Record and Labour MSP

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David Edgar has turned his anger onto the Daily Record, reporter Mark McGivern and Labour MSP Paul Sweeney.

Late on Thursday night the Record ran with a front page story sharing some historical tweets from the team at Heart & Hand who gave themselves a makeover last summer to become media partners of the club from Ibrox.

For the start of this season the Ibrox club decided that it would charge £25,000 per publication for standard media access, to pre and post-match media conferences and a seat on the press gantry to report on matches.

Sky Sports and STV appear to be the only mainstream outlets to have paid for this content, Sky through their SPFL contract, but the Record and others have stood their ground while Edgar’s Heart & Hand have paid up for twice weekly access to Steven Gerrard and his squad.

It seems that former Heart & Hand contributor David Graham, now the Communications chief at Ibrox is the target in this fall out with the Record going all in on the views and content of Edgar and two of the stars of his media group.

As Chris Graham found in 2015 during his 48 hour stint as a Non Executive Director there is a deep well of social media content that can return to haunt, and even end a career in the Blue Room.

Rather than sit back and hope to ride out the storm Edgar has decided to take on a newspaper group and an elected politician. The driving force behind Heart & Hand plus other Ibrox media partners can expect further revelations about their views resurfacing very soon.

Last month Edgar was a guest on GB News to explain the links between Ibrox fans and the union following an attack on the SNP by Murdo Fraser in The Scotsman.

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