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‘Deluded egotistical charlatans!’ ‘Coming 2nd isn’t a highlight’ ‘Disaster of a board’ Celtic fans react to ‘good hands’ report

Image for ‘Deluded egotistical charlatans!’ ‘Coming 2nd isn’t a highlight’ ‘Disaster of a board’ Celtic fans react to ‘good hands’ report

Ian Bankier reported finishing second in the SPFL as a highlight of the 2020/21 season and informed fans and shareholders that Celtic were in good hands!

Not many fans were in agreement with that view as they looked through the club’s annual review for what wasn’t commented on rather than what was.

Two more failures to reach the Champions League haven’t been worth mentioning, the managerial review that endorsed Neil Lennon two weeks before he quit and the 106 day search for a new manager didn’t feature in Bankier’s review. No mention was made of the decision not to offer any refund to Season Ticket holders despite the club sitting with £16.6m tucked away in the bank.

Bankier makes no mention of a club restructuring. Currently there is an acting CEO with no sign of a replacement for the Head of Football Operations who left the club in March.

During the transfer window Celtic signed 12 players, including Liam Shaw and Osaze Urhoghide, with no real transparency on the policy for bringing in those players. Three months into the job Ange Postecoglou has still to bring in a single coach or added anyone to the backroom team.

Bankier reckons that Celtic are in good hands, many fans disagree with his reading of a year of complete failure.

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  • johnny says:

    Bankiers report was never going to bring up points like Lennon/Mc Kay/proper structures/etc because that would make them look bad. They dont care about the supporters these people are only interested in the share price and money.

  • Sean McGinley says:

    Celtic did it again ! They diluted the playing squad making 10m in profit and keeping the mugs paying through the nose for failure and lack of and poor, investment. A stagnant club at this stage with a lot of sheep following. No problem for this board. The annual decline in football continues and will do so because every year, come season ticket sales time, the ” am a season ticket holder ” brigade need their ego supported. I despair ! It’s not the manager, it’s not the players, it’s the organisation and those who give it their financial support. who are to blame.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Celtic at present are a shambles football wise and boardroom wise they have sold off all our top players i don’t know how they are going to balance the books only way reduce outgoings that means substandard players bought but it could have been very different bad management all round from the ceo and directors that has been the main problem for years and that man Desmond I fear for our club they have truly #ucked up .

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