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The picture that Celtic Must take action over

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After the match Ange Postecoglou played the incident down but as he reviews yesterday’s match the Celtic boss could do himself and his players a favour by flagging up the booking of Cameron Carter-Vickers.

Frankly, the decision was an outrage. If you are going to take a stand against a refereeing decision it carries far more clout after a win. If Carter-Vickers is wrongly sent off during a defeat from Hibs on Wednesday and Postecoglou makes an issue of it he’ll be accused of deflecting.

The above picture in the Daily Record captures many points that Nick Walsh missed. In normal circumstances a still picture doesn’t carry much weight but alongside the video of the incident it highlights what was going on.

Craig Bryon and Chris Kane both have their hands on Carter-Vickers’ upper body, one on his head the other on his shoulders.

Referee Walsh was already on his way to the incident with his yellow card at the ready. That presumably was for the two kicks that Kane struck the grounded Celtic defender with.

No further action was taken for Kane’s aggressive pushing of Carter-Vickers while Bryson sneaks past on the outside pushing down the head of the Celtic player.

With a free for all going on Carter-Vickers gets back to his feet to push his attackers away- that earned the on-loan Spurs defender a booking- the same punishment as Kane while the already booked Bryson escaped any punishment.

The Daily Record quotes Postecoglou saying:

It’s on the other side…I thought the referee handled it okay. People run in and they push and shove. I always have a chuckle at these things because some of those on the outskirts, I’m not sure how keen they are to get involved!

I thought the referee handled it well. I couldn’t see why Cameron got the yellow card but I’m 50 yards away.

Commenting on the incident before facing Hibs on Wednesday would be a wise move from Postecoglou, a letter from Celtic to the SFA expressing their concern and anticipating retrospective action might save their players from a repeat at Easter Road.

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  • Barry says:

    If Ange says that’s the end of it, then that’s the end of it. If he changes his mind and wants to challenge the decision, then that is entirely up to Ange to decide. I don’t think it’s for anyone to make a demand that Ange challenges.

  • Peter Heaney says:

    The SFA will look at it.
    And we all no what The SFA means.

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