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Celtic fans demand club statement after Referee Chief Crawford Allan breaks his season long silence

Image for Celtic fans demand club statement after Referee Chief Crawford Allan breaks his season long silence

Some Celtic fans are calling on the club to stand up and call out Crawford Allan.

After a season of highly controversial decisions by match officials the Head of Refereeing at the SFA stepped out of his bunker to explain Celtic’s midweek goal against Hearts to Radio Scotland listeners. It was the first time this season that Allan has been heard, preferring to let issues blow over.

There has been no conclusive proof whether or not Kyogo Furuhashi was offside. Tony Ralston provided the pass, it could have been on a straight line or it may have been very marginally a forward or backward pass. It was difficult to call.

That didn’t stop Kris Boyd leading the bandwagon on how Celtic had been gifted a goal, strangely when the two teams met at the start of the season with the same referee, Bobby Madden, there was little coverage given to the Celtic ‘goal’ that was wrongly disallowed for offside.

At Hampden last month Stephen Welsh had to be substituted after taking an elbow in the jaw, Nick Walsh felt that it was a booking for Shaun Rooney. Four weeks earlier the same referee booked Cameron Carter-Vickers for getting kicked twice on the ground, his attacker got the same punishment.

Allan never stepped forward to explain those decisions, or how 27 free kicks could be awarded against Celtic at Aberdeen while having 61% possession.

With Celtic now in the firing line of the SFA and the media some fans are looking for a response from their club, although many are anticipating more silence.

That tweet was liked more than 150 times in three hours.

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  • KC67 says:

    The fans are right, this needs to be called out now.
    The board seem happy to be shat on by the establishment, unfortunately this will wind up going further than football if it isn’t nipped in the bud. The tramps have been emboldened by their first trophy and need to be challenged.

  • Justshatered says:

    I’m astounded by today’s events.

    His impartiality is completely blown as he has never appeared to defend any other strange decisions this season.

    It is scandalous that this has occurred.

    The longer this keeps in the public eye the easier it is for an honest mistake to be explained away.

    Our Board will do nothing.

    Someone posted an article today about Bayern Munich fans at their last AGM where they shout at their board “We are Bayern, you are not”

    It is about time Celtic fans adopted this cry and shouted it at our Board.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    If Celtic fans want this board to say or do anything they will be waiting a very long time regarding the way some referees handle our matches when liewell had the power to to make things change in dcottish football and did @uck all so nothing is going to happen from celtic.

    The article today regarding Desmond company and Higgins link likley true Desmond only interested in making money thru his Celtic links and would even use the rangers to help him in this business that could make him even more hundreds of millions as the rumours investors in the rangers from Ireland?????

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Bankier get up aff yer arse and tell the truth to these jokers

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Joe i have used this saying in previous posts when it comes to football propaganda trump and the imposter in number 10 are rank amatuers. Lest we forget to remind them and the gutless that 140 years of history ended in a mountain of shameful debt.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    In any other football nation this would be called out by the team who were aggrieved by the interference and steps taken to force the official concerned out

  • Jim says:

    Approaching my 60s I am a bit calmer. The current batch of referees are shite, no doubt about that. Cheating though, Not sure. Jim McCluskey, now that was a cheating c—t. The Mahe penalty is the worst cheating I have seen in decades following the hoops. I remember like it was yesterday. A disgrace for all to see.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Our board are a bunch of useless Sevco complicit charlatans,but as always we will get nowhere as long as we go like sheep and buy our STs,why would the board do anything they play Celtic fans like a fiddle and unless we take action ie hit them where it hurts nothing will ever change.

    Put yourself in the board’s shoes why rock the boat when the silly Billy Tim’s sign-up for STs year in year out ,don’t blame the Tory board because that’s there job ,blame ourselves for being loyal gullible subservient followers ,has anyone else grasped the fact that the board can do what they like because they know Celtic fans are loyal and keep buying STs no matter how the board perform.its like at work bosses fuck you over because they know the one weapon union member workers have is to strike,and the bosses know no matter how much they f**k you over,

    Workers nowadays will not strike so the bosses win, like Celtic boardroom they know Celtic fans will sign up for STs no matter how bad the board are , therein lies the problem, nothing will change with the board they won’t speak out against injustices because they know the Celtic faithful will still cough up ,over to you ST holders.

  • Stevie says:

    The Celtic board chasing the blue pound.
    To our support pay your money and shut the feck up

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