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Dave King on the warpath as he demands a place on Ibrox Board of Directors

Image for Dave King on the warpath as he demands a place on Ibrox Board of Directors

Dave King has served notice to the Ibrox hierarchy that he wants to return as a director.

The South African based businessman has been agitating against his former colleagues in the Blue Room, voting against the re-election of Graeme Park at the AGM on November 30.

King had hoped to recoup his £13m investment by selling his shares to Club 1872 but the take up has been pedestrian with in-fighting at the fan group while the current board of directors dilute King’s stake with regular issues of new shares.

Whether Douglas Park prefers King inside the tent or is prepared to let him fire off statements from the outside remains to be seen but uncertainty isn’t a good sign when you are losing £2m a month.

Last week David Joseph Graham and Kenny Barclay were appointed to the board, now according to The Sun a familiar face is looking to be fitted out for a new blazer and accompanying brogues:

DAVE KING wants a sensational return to the Rangers board.

SunSport can reveal the former chairman has already served notice to the Rangers hierarchy of his bombshell intentions.

King abdicated his Ibrox throne in March 2020, in order to focus on his business interests.

But the Johannesburg-based businessman, still Rangers’ largest shareholder with a 15.45 per cent stake, is eyeing a dramatic comeback.

King said: “Now that my business interests in South Africa have stabilised following the devastations of C***d, I have advised the board of RIFC plc that I am available to rejoin the board and offer my services to the further development of the club.

“I remain the largest shareholder of RIFC and look forward to many years of service to the club and, most importantly, to its supporters.”

Relations between King and the current board have soured since he stood down as chairman.

Last week King’s former colleague George Letham was booted off the Ibrox board.

If King is denied a place on the Board the Ibrox hierarchy can expect to come under regular attack from his well established network of media contacts.

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  • Peter Heaney says:

    In house fighting, let them be.
    Will destroy everything they ever stood for.

  • Dando says:

    I wonder if he’s offered to loan them the £5m again that they’ve just paid back @ 8% re initial loan…. no more share issue thingys diluting his payday fae the gullible.


  • Kenneth says:

    Was this no the guy that had a ‘bottomless’ pit of money, that he was willing to throw away to the SEVCO, now he’s wanting his stake back,,

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Ho Ho Ho,He He He, what a wheeze,

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    It would take a seismic shift of attitude for the the “mokit meeja, hack pack” to turn on T.. R…… the old club and the new have been backed by said media all this time and as a body will never change. King may be able to garner a dissenting voice or two but he will have to splash the cash in all directions to get his wish , we live in interesting times strange days indeed.

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