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Kris Boyd calls out Celtic chairman Ian Bankier over VAR

Image for Kris Boyd calls out Celtic chairman Ian Bankier over VAR

Kris Boyd has called on Ian Bankier to force through the implementation of VAR to bring Scottish football in line with the major European leagues. 

Celtic fans have called on Bankier to discuss a number of issues without any success, it is unlikely that the comments from the former Kilmarnock striker will result in the veteran hoops chairman demanding action and answers from the SFA and SPFL. 

VAR featured very heavily in Thursday’s Europa League tie at Ibrox, every weekend and in almost every top flight game there are similar contentious decisions that are left to the eyes and instinct of match officials to decide on. 

Since the start of the 2018/19 season VAR has been in use in the EPL. All of the major UEFA leagues are now using the tool while Scotland has stood back, delayed and debated how they can bring it in for no more than six fixtures at the same time. 

VAR was used at Hampden during last year’s European Championships and at Celtic Park and Ibrox this season in Europa League matches- then packed up and put away for domestic games. 

Discussing VAR in The Sun, Boyd explains: 

Refs have always been under enormous pressure in Scotland and it doesn’t help when you have high-profile figures making their life even more difficult. 

Celtic chairman Ian Bankier played to the crowd when lambasting officials at the recent AGM. 

Having been a big noise in the whisky industry I’m sure Bankier would have had ‘deep concerns’ if his firms were operating without the best of equipment. 

VAR should be a vital ingredient in Scottish football just like malted barley in a single malt. 

Bankier certainly wasn’t playing to the crowd at the Celtic AGM, he was questioned, firstly to Financial Fair Play by this author and made it clear he didn’t want any follow up questions. I had a list of 15 that would have made the Celtic Chairman uncomfortable. 

I followed up by asking him a question about Nick Walsh being appointed for the League Cup semi-final against St Johnstone, Bankier was very uncomfortable when asked about Bobby Madden awarding 27 fouls against Celtic at Aberdeen in October when the Dond only had 39% possession. At that point he mentioned deep concerns over referees. 

There has been no public comment from Bankier or anyone inside Celtic about referees or bringing in VAR. Michael Nicholson, appointed as CEO in September hasn’t made any comment on anything other than commitments around the AGM and attending two Fan Forums. 

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  • Frankie says:

    Pie face should keep his useless comments to himself about our club, the penalty they got on Thursday night from var was a disgrace, if that was a penalty through var does that mean at a corner or free kick, all the pushing and shoving is a penalty

  • Stev says:

    Didnae see them shouting about VAR when McGregor was off his line at the pen.?
    Only when it suits.

  • Richard says:

    Joe, you need to give it a rest about how many fouls we are giving against us. With the style and high intensity we play and the hunger we have to win the ball back instantly, there is always a chance we are going to give a lot of fouls away !

    Editor: There is another team in the SPFL that has 60% or more possession yet have nothing like the same number of fouls awarded against them. I will give it a rest when SPFL Premiership fixtures are split evenly among all Premiership referees (not 6 from Madden, 5 from Anderson) and a pool of referees that stretches beyond Lanarkshire and knowing a committee man at the Bowling Club.

    You don’t think it is very strange that Madden awarded 27 fouls against Celtic at Aberdeen when the hoops had 61% possession?

    Thanks for the tip, are you looking for a career in the BBC or SFA?

  • Tam says:

    So Mr Boyd is basically saying a derogatory remark about CELTIC based on what he’s read, heard, because he most certainly wasn’t there.

    This clown ? Boyd must want a job on the var panel to help “the rangers”.
    And after some bizarre decisions that will help “the rangers” will Mr Mccoist be saying ‘WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ‘ ……Nope

  • Patrick Gallagher says:

    Celltic fans are split on the implementation of VAR. It has been a bit of a disaster in England.

  • Jack says:

    Boyd been given slap on wrist by sky for his hatred of Celtic_fc_1888 so I don’t think banker would even listen or read about a headline junkie so ends the clowns act

  • Richard says:

    Joe, no other team press as high or intense as us in the league. Man city last weekend in the Manchester derby had 70% but gave away more fouls how is that ? It is because when a team that has a hunger and desire to press and win the ball back quick you are more likely to give away silly fouls. Do I think there is issues with refs in Scotland, of course I do and bringing in VAR is only going to help one club in Scotland but constantly moaning about the amount of fouls is clutching at straws IMO

  • 18871888 says:

    Kris Boyd could send call pot for help.

  • Larsson7 says:

    More Sevco apologist smokescreen tactics to cover up their sides domestic inadequacies and blatant favouritism from lodge members in refs uniforms.

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