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South Melbourne FC roll out the red carpet to Celtic fans

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South Melbourne FC are throwing the door open to Celtic fans by offering fee entry to Friday’s match against Dandenong Thunder to anyone in Celtic gear. 

Back in 1996 the Victoria NPL club decided to offer the manager’s job to Ange Postecoglou- 25 years later Celtic are enjoying the benefits of that decision. 

The future Socceroos boss spent four years learning his trade at South Melbourne, like most things in his life the Celtic boss grafted his way up the ladder on his way to titles in Australia, Japan and Scotland. In 2015 he led Australia to success in the Asian Cup. 

Australian interest in Celtic has snowballed over the last year with a number of media outlets sending reporting teams to Scotland to provide on the spot coverage of Celtic’s title success. 

South Melbourne tweeted: 

Our senior men have a huge challenge this Saturday as we host in-form Dandenong Thunder, fresh off a big win away to Avondale. Due to the success in the first time we ran this promotion, come to the ground on Saturday wearing ANY Celtic merch and you will be let in for free. 

South Melbourne are currently at the top of the Victorian league table, on Friday they will have the backing of some extra fans bringing some Celtic colour to the 15,000 capacity Lakeside Stadium. 

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Ronaldo leaving Man Utd no doubt heading to ibrox now as they have £80 mullion LOADSAMONEY to spend through the European run and commercial interests.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    No brainer all you Melbourne based Tim’s.Friday night,bit of grub couple of drinks,watch the game,help out Ange’s first love.Sounds like a plan for you guys.

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