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Brighton given firm message on their Postecoglou interest

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The message seems to finally be getting out that Ange Postecoglou has got a bigger and better job to do that managing Brighton.

Graham Potter’s rapid move to Chelsea has left Brighton without a manager with some English based pundits assuming that the Celtic boss would ditch the Champions League and regular crowds of 60,000 for a place in mid-table in the EPL attempting to avoid relegation.

Postecoglou could well follow Brendan Rodgers at some stage in his career but for now Brighton will have to look elsewhere for their next managerial appointment.

Earlier this evening The Telegraph reported:

Brighton are looking at a number of options. The club have been interested by the achievements of Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou who won a Scottish league title in his first season and took the club into the Champions League. 

It is understood that the Australian is not currently minded to abandon the project he began with the Scottish club. The Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper is not an option currently, although he has been mentioned in connection with the job. 

Postecoglou joined Celtic in June 2021 on a 12 month rolling contract, when asked about his deal there has been no suggestion that he would prefer a fixed term contract.

After 10 months at Celtic Rodgers signed a five year contract in May 2017 but was gone within two years.

Celtic fans can expect further speculation about the Australian but while he is allowed to manage the club his way, without boardroom interference it seems unlikely that he is looking to see what other options might be available.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    King of the BOOZE JOCKEYS Jackass Jackson has written an article about a possible takeover at ibrox once again,though this time he is crying out for due diligence on the American trying to climb the marble staircase.
    Also can you imagine if that was our club with those last 2 heavy defeats a manager being slated in the press and looking at his P45 those are the words from the written press,and takeovers splashed about the place,don’t you think we would have seen the Celtic crest broken in half with the word CRISIS as the headline front and back page.

  • Ian Scales says:

    Don’t be so insulting, Brighton are NOT a mid-table team trying to avoid relegation!
    They are currently 4th.

    Editor: As big a club and equally as insignificant as Watford, Ipswich and Charlton. Enjoy your days with EPL riches before returning to wherever.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Sorry but having lived in Sydney for years they are ” epl” sycophants yeah I know no one else uses the term but they do! Anyway they really are especially on fox sports with ex players trying to validate their career many like bosnich rewriting it!

    Hopefully Ange is different bigger point tho is we need out this joke landscape where idiots from aberdeen and the likes tell us that ” know you know how it feels: when we lose to Madrid! Utter nonsense !

    We are a massive club through our fanbase and love of Celtic! We fund our great club these clowns reference to themselves as ” diiddy teams” They could and should be miles bigger especially that lot up north but in a city of 200 000 that cant get much more than 10 000 pathetic!!

    So no it’s not like us and madrid or english tv clubs we make our club!! These losers hold us back thats the issue! Its galling we lose players and managers to ” diddy ” English clubs that not same stratosphere as Celtic not many are tho!! We need out of here thats the real issue and always has been

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