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Celtic fans return fire on Kay Burley and Ian Blackford

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Kay Burley and Ian Blackford were in the firing line this morning as they decided to use prime time on Sky News to show their horror and outrage at a couple of banners used by Celtic fans.

With the UK going into recession, interest rates rising by the month, inflation in double digits and a cost of living crisis hammering every area of the country and economy it seemed that bashing Celtic supporters provided the duo with some comforting middle ground- four days after the event.

If they had wanted a topical issue in Scottish football they could have highlighted the booing through a minute of applause at the Scotland v Ukraine match the previous night.

Hibs, Dundee United and Everton fans had disrupted silences and applauses at the weekend but it seemed that following the script of Piers Morgan, James Whale and Simon Jordan was the easy option.

With the official mourning now completed the UK is preparing for strikes on the trains, in schools, in the NHS and a number of other industries but it seems that the Sky News presenter, who was suspended for six months for breaking Lockdown rules last year was the burning issue.

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  • Phelim Grehan says:

    U would think paying 12 million pound of taxpayers money to cover up your son being a paedophile would be the talk of the news but apparently your not allowed talk about Paedohiles anymore now that it’s turned out 4 if the biggest in Scotland actually worked at the old dead club rangers

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah Blanford the spelling is correct the guy is bland,kissing the ring of royalty but shouting from the rooftops when it suits him and his CORRUPT BIGOTED party that they want away from the British establishment,you could not mark his neck with blow torch.
    Party Politics this nugget is playing watch in the coming day’s how he attacks the tories and their rotten government calls for elections to get shot of them and demanding independence for Scotland,the guys a conman,whatever way the wind blows this guys with it.
    Remember this guy was the defender of a sex pest in his party and tried to brush it under the carpet,he is no different from the rest of his crew in Parliament or anywhere else in the establishment.

    • Tam says:

      Just add those two to the long list which includes Souness, White, and Jordan,of the talk sport radio show condemning Some Celtic fans for the “lawful” use of free speech. Are all these people advocating for a change in the “LAW” because someone did not like what they seen or heard. If so I agree, if some people don’t like free speech, “ban it”…if some people don’t like protesting, “ban peaceful protesting” if some people don’t like the roads being blocked by marchers, “ban marching in the streets” then all these “civil liberties” would be illegal, I don’t think some of the aforementioned would agree with banning all those “Rights” mmmm I wonder which ones they don’t want to “BAN”

  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear sevco fans will be all giddy with excitement tonight as the game FIFA 23 is released tonight with Tav on it as the best player in Scotland,well saying its a FICTIONAL game.But the klan will be happy and bragging about it,I suppose it gives them some comfort.

  • Peter jackson says:

    Nothing at all wrong with celtic OPINIONS. SKY ARE A DISGRACE

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