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Totally outclassed, way off it tonight- even Kris Boyd can’t raise a smile from Amsterdam annihilation

Image for Totally outclassed, way off it tonight- even Kris Boyd can’t raise a smile from Amsterdam annihilation

The smile and smirk have disappeared from Kris Boyd.

Instead it is worry lines and grey hairs that are greeting Sky Sports viewers as the former Kilmarnock star watches the Tribute Act getting found out twice a week.

There were no gags at Celtic Park on Saturday as the champions set out the terms of combat for the season ahead, tonight, on their Champions League debut in Amsterdam the locals were just as unforgiving.

Trailing 3-0 at half time for the third time this year, Ajax eased off with just one second half goal thanks to a perfectly weighted assist from Ryan Jack.

Football fans across Scotland lapped up every goal but somewhere in a studio big Boydy just couldn’t find the funny side of things.

Rangers were totally outclassed tonight with a very good Ajax team. I know a lot of people will say that’s what you get the top of the Champions League but I don’t even think Ajax are a top end side.

They’re a very good team but from Rangers’ point of view, they were way off it tonight. Lacking responsibility in terms of picking up your men at set-plays, far too easy, very passive, not getting near anyone. It was a very, very disappointing return to the elite of European football for Rangers.

Losing 4-0 at the weekend, 4-0 again tonight and you go to Aberdeen at the weekend. The players are going to have to deal with the criticism that’s coming their way.

They have to pick themselves up and go again but it’s not going to be easy at Aberdeen. Giovanni van Bronckhorst has a big job between now and Saturday.

Boyd should be on the Sky Sports gantry at Pittodrie for Saturday’s noon kick-off.

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  • the maister says:

    What odds a four – nil home win an Saturday?

  • Tony B says:

    Real Madrid is a top class team. Ajax isn’t. I would fancy Celtic’s chances against Ajax, but Real would have torn the zombies a new one. Double figures methinks.

    NUL POINTS for the huns in the CL.

  • the maister says:

    On Wee Shug by the way. I saw him last Thursday or Friday, late afternoon, walking down Bearsden road. I saw him there before, when he was pushing a kid in a pram. Later on that night, he told the story on air how he had visited Asda, Bearsden with his little grandson! This time he was just walking himself! Another time I saw him in Morrisons, by the way, having his dinner, as I was having mine! I asked him if he wanted a lift, but he politely declined – “No Thanks!” he said. Perhaps he was booking a holiday, as there is a Barrhead Travel at Asda Bearsden, or there was!

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Well, of course its gonna be easy, they’ll have the ref in their corner after such a tough time, expect an early bath for a dons player and a wee Tavpen thrown in to ease their way to the points…or maybe even both if its Walsh.

  • Edward Murison says:

    Yes mcoist n boyd how’d you do in.europe against team had 7 new players in because they sold there best players ur European experience wen only won 7 out 21
    Games how did that work for yous yous need to admit your rubbish all mouth gio said last time was 3 nil down half time wudnt happen again you were right it didn’t you got worst time got rid deadwood once for all they’re time had come long ago but electric bill too high cudnt buy players need new manager Pedro was better than the rubbish you have people forget he got sack leaving club 11th place

  • the maister says:

    Got the pic. Ed. But no improvement!

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