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Daily Record fall flat in their LIVEBLOG!! chase for next Ibrox boss

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After just four days it seems that enthusiasm has run dry on the Daily Record live blog as the Tribute Act search for a new manager.

The excitement of Monday and Tuesday when fresh names were springing up on social media quickly gave way to the realisation that the preferred choice to replace Giovanni van Bronckhorst is Micky Beale.

There is only so much spin you can apply on a 42-year-old who has been in senior management for just 22 matches.

Beale of course was assistant manager to Steven Gerrard for three years at Ibrox, even the dimmest Record reader will now know that he fully understands the club and will instantly transform under-performing players.

On Wednesday night it was being claimed that an approach was about to be made to QPR to speak to their boss. Thursday and Friday have almost passed with no developments to report on.

This afternoon the LIVE BLOG! At the Record consisted of the thoughts of DaMarcus Beasley on Beale, the possibilities of other members of the QPR backroom team moving to Ibrox. Kenny McLean is no longer a transfer target after signing a new Norwich contract.

It is looking like a long weekend for the team at the Daily Record, with training resuming on Monday at Murray Park the clock is starting to race against the dynamic duo of Stewart Robertson and Ross Wilson.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    I’ve heard from an impeccable source, maybe, that the Blue Room has
    been making “that call” to QPR on an hourly basis – but it’s always engaged!

    No idea who the next sevco manager will be – but Beale’s not coming back.

  • harold shand says:

    7 days of ‘ Live Rangers new manager latest ‘

    Which consists of whatever hun message boy is writing it sitting on social media all day recycling gossip from Swallow Swallow etc

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