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Football Scotland are talking the Mick

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A strange thing happens when Mr Beale crosses the border.

When it Scotland he is referred to as Michael, back in England he is Mick or Micky.

In his Daily Record column yesterday Kenny Miller made repeated reference to Michael, it was as if he was trying too hard to distance the in-coming Ibrox boss with his abbreviated name.

Beale appears to have arrived at Murray Park with Mark Hendry of Football Scotland breaking with convention in his coverage of the coronation:

Rangers’ players have arrived back at training as they get set to welcome Mick Beale as their new manager.

The squad have been off amid the winter break during the World Cup, during which time Gio van Bronckhorst was sacked as boss. Now as they return to Auchenhowie is seems imminent that they’ll be introduced to Beale who looks set to take over the reins in the coming hours or days.

Beale, of course, has worked with a majority of the squad before but will take the top job having worked as first team coach under Steven Gerrard. His exit from QPR is not yet confirmed but it looks likely to be rubber stamped.

Will Beale be more of a threat to Celtic than wee Gio?

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled
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  • Scud Missile says:

    We are in for some real quality comedy gold time tonight on SSB.All slabbering over each other foaming at the mouth to see who can get up Ian Beales arse the furthest,you might even get a call from one of the SIMPLETON klan members demanding that he is made manager of the year award already.

  • Aloysius Farquhar-McStaunch says:

    Maybe safer just to call him ‘Ted’ now….

  • Scud Missile says:

    Funny how it’s all gone quiet on the Alkatraz man aka the drug baron of Govan Cross Martinjail.
    No doubt once the new manager is confirmed and in place Martinjail will be scouting about on the sevco Podcasts telling all what a great appointment the new klub from ibrox have got,even fighting off the mighty Wolves for his signature.

  • Seppington says:

    Michael/Mick, it matters not. The succulently staunch will all be referring to him as Mister Beale once the deal is finalised, as is their cap-doffing way…

  • peter cassidy says:

    We are going to hear this new manager wil turn the present duds into world class players: by his world class coaching skills just like he did at villa and 22 games at qpr.ange better look out they now have a dud to take him on lets see how this one does.

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