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Great news over Murdo MacLeod

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After 103 days in hospital Murdo MacLeod is back home continuing his rehabilitation from heart surgery.

As a player and assistant manager MacLeod was involved in some of the most memorable successes in Celtic’s history from the 4-2 match, the Centenary Cup Final and Love Street through to stopping the Ten in 1998.

Always someone that took pride in his fitness it was a shock in 2010 when he had to undergo heart surgery but soon enough he was back in business, enjoying his football and golf.

A routine replacement of a heart valve seems to have encountered some complications but in typical fashion the former Celt appears to have come through the worse and is on the road to recovery.

When he next gets along to Celtic Park he is in for a warm welcome and a treat on the park, hopefully next season there will be a Champions League campaign that he can enjoy.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    All the best Murdo.. Goals scored against the FILTH were ALWAYS Crackers!! Instrumental in stopping the ‘CORRUPT’ 10 as well wae Wim, a Glorious Day for all of us present!!

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    Prayers and silent wishes to you Murdo.

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