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Prize Guy Martindale reacts to speculation that he is Ibrox bound

Image for Prize Guy Martindale reacts to speculation that he is Ibrox bound

David Martindale has distanced himself from the managerial vacancy at Ibrox in his trademark ‘likeable wee guy manner’.

The Livingston boss likes few things more than talking about his humble self, this afternoon he was picking up a Manager of the Month award from a vodka firm.

The November award barely covered a fortnight of matches but for some reason the sponsors decided that today was the day to announce the winners and head to Livingston for some pure quality patter from the man that served prison time for drug dealing and money laundering.

Covering his award the Daily Record reports:

After receiving the Manager of the Month award for November, Martindale was quizzed about the prospect of facing off against against Beale. He told Sky Sports News: “We are still going down to QPR. Whether it’s Michael that is there or not. I think it would be a good fit for Rangers, but I’ve not spoke to Mick, I don’t expect to speak to Mick. Time will tell, so they say.”

Martindale was then put on the spot about his interest in the vacancy, having been placed among the frontrunners to replace Van Bronckhorst by the bookmakers. He laughed: “It’ll not be me, I can tell you that.”

Only an out of work boss or desperate manager would consider taking over from van Bronckhorst.

Once the exotic names have made their excuses it looks like being a contest between Martindale and Robbie Neilson to pull on the blazer and slip into the brogues, presenting a real Rainjurz man to the gullible supporters.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    The players acting like BOOZE JOCKEYS in Portugal are Kent,Tavanier and Arnfield apparently Davis was the one that stepped in to calm the situation down.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Martinjail will swap that vodka award for a tenner bag of smack.

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