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Still Game? VAR offside call on Jota leaves many unanswered questions

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Like Ian Maxwell it of the SFA it seems that Celtic CEO Michael Nicholson is happy to put all VAR controversies down to teething problems.

There may be some issues relaying footage and dialogue between officials that can be put down to teething troubles but football fans deserve better than the third rate attempt at showing VAR lines in the SPFL Premiership.

In normal time Jota’s ‘goal ‘ for Celtic looked a marginal call, when Motherwell TV replayed it from a camera in line with the incident it looked like the Celtic winger had delayed his run onto a pass from Kyogo Furuhashi enough to stay onside.

What happened next was bizarre! At an evening match a still image from the most distant angle possible was used with almost all of the players on the pitch closer to the camera than Jota. Darkness reigned.

To say that it was inconclusive would be an act of diplomacy.

If that was the evidence used by the VAR official they’d be as well packing the technology away.

In England they can produce 3-D imagery with fine lines and a roving camera to pinpoint the exact detail of the decision.

The VAR officials are said to use every available camera to come to their decision, there were better camera angles in use at Motherwell tonight than the one used to disallow Jota’s ‘goal’.

CLICK HERE for Nicholson justifying teething problems.

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  • peter cassidy says:

    we are playing against bad refs now var refs trying ther best to #uck us.

  • Nick66 says:

    Yet the Murderwell goal check was up with the play. A fukin farce. A fukin disgrace, a fukin fix.

  • John S says:

    The clubs have to take a long, hard look at VAR appointed officials and their performances, which appear to include manipulation of footage. There is no reason why this task should go to failed referees or anyone at all who could even be suspected of bias. Where will these come from ? Belgium, England, who cares as long as it is used scientifically and not to promote a view or interpretation. One tends to have teething problems when being punched in the mouth.

  • Thomas Daly says:


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