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He’ll get his backside handed to him by Celtic- Micky Beale given fresh warning

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Simon Jordan very rarely changes his opinion on anyone.

The former Crystal Palace chairman willingly gives his opinion on a whole range of issues and personalities, in marked contrast to Jim White who can’t even admit which club he supports despite overwhelming evidence that his heart lies with whatever club is playing out of Ibrox.

Martin O’Neill joined White and Jordan on TalkSPORT today as he racks up the media appearances to promote his autobiography.

When White brought up the issue of Micky Beale there was some predictable answers from O’Neill going along with the usual lines of O** F*** pressure and the unique challenges of managing in a two (usually one) horse race.

Whatever reputation Beale had in England has been destroyed by his loyalty pledge to QPR with Jordan flagging up the double-dealing of the 42-year-old who popped up at Ibrox to support Giovanni van Bronckhorst at a game against Aberdeen before replacing the Dutchman in the manager’s job.

O’Neill and White went round the houses on the issue but listening to TalkSPORT discussing Beale at lunchtime, the Daily Record reports Jordan saying:

This guy, in my view, will get his backside handed to him by Celtic. Celtic are miles away in terms of their dugout and their financial section. I think he will reap what he sows.

There are too many football managers out there who don’t understand that it’s not about taking every opportunity, but taking the right opportunity.

Loyalty is a two-way transaction. The bottom line is QPR gave him an opportunity, nobody else game him that. He was going from being an assistant manager, which is vastly different. Integrity and decency and loyalty are things that will carry you much further.

Trailing by nine points after 15 matches with limited funds would test the ability of the most experienced of managers going into Ibrox.

With a CV of nine wins from 22 matches and the nature of his QPR betrayal Beale has made the job even harder with critics like Jordan desperate to see him fail.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    He’ll get his ARSE handed tae him by a few teams b4 he even meets us!! This guys no got a CLUE, FULL AE SHIT & PANDERING TAE THE KNUCKODRAGGIN SCUM!!

  • peter cassidy says:

    we have been told staunch micky was the brains behind the rangers coaching staff when he and stvee gee worked at the bigot dome together.

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