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Pictured- the most ridiculous VAR offside check

Image for Pictured- the most ridiculous VAR offside check

After failing to find fault with either of Celtic’s first two goals against Livingston Colin Steven was giving it heart and soul to disallow Kyogo Furuhashi strike in stoppage time.

Almost a minute after the ball found the net the screens at Celtic Park revealed a VAR check for a possible foul. Fail.

Next up was a check for a possible offside, as the image below shows a Livingston defender was playing Kyogo at least two yards onside. As a helpful guide the last Livi defender was at the far end of the centre circle with Kyogo clearly to the left of the assistant referee who hadn’t flagged.

Reluctantly Nick Walsh gave the goal, Livingston kicked off then the half-time whistle blew to the sound of booing from the home supporters.

The referee looked apologetic as he informed the Livingston players that the goal was standing, Celtic TV wasn’t given Hawkeye images to show that Kyogo was onside.

Colin Steven is a trained SFA VAR official, so far this season he hasn’t refereed any Celtic matches but he is clearly racing up Crawford Allan’s promotion ladder, CLICK HERE for his matches this season.

What should the SFA do with Nick Walsh?

Carry on Nick, everyone is allowed honest mistakes

Carry on Nick, everyone is allowed honest mistakes

Demote him to the Lowland League, learn from his mistakes

Demote him to the Lowland League, learn from his mistakes

Sack him, he is incapable of applying the Laws of the Game

Sack him, he is incapable of applying the Laws of the Game
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  • Tam says:

    Nick Walsh was given all the technology the SFA/SPFL has at its disposable to help him as a grade 1 referee and according to the SFA/SPFL he still got it WRONG . Nicky Clark had his red card over turned by the SFA/SPFL (what footage did they have that Nick Walsh didn’t have) and in doing so said Nick Walsh is “incompetent” and his punishment for being classed as an “incompetent” by the SFA/SPFL was nothing.

    So if the punishment for getting things wrong is “no” punishment (Walsh refereed last night) why try to get it right .

    Walsh, SFA/SPFL, head of referees “should” all be hauled over the coals for this (but they won’t)…..a judge, a police officer, found to be corrupt…. A former director of “the rangers” refused to come back to Scotland because…..he said….he would NOT get a Fair trial .now we know he was “Right” … What he said should have sent shockwaves through hollyrood… barely a ripple .. This is the judicial system of our country….so do I think Walsh and co will be investigated absolutely “NOT”

    Editor: At the 2021 AGM Chairman Bankier told Celtic shareholders of his deep concerns about referees when questioned about Walsh and Beaton- the SFA laugh at him, hardly a terrifying prospect angry Bankier on the warpath. His successor is even more compromised.

  • Scud Missile says:

    A meeting took place recently with the SFA chiefs at Hunden and officials from Celtic, Apparently the people at Celtic asked for explanations and the reason for some SERIOUS BIZARRE decisions giving against Celtic since the introduction of VAR,the CHEATING c***s from Hunden could not give any answers to the questions.
    So the BIG FIX is on and ABSOLUTELY jackshit will be done about it.

    Editor: Very far fetched to imagine the Celtic CEO or Chairman asking any worthwhile questions of the SFA, both sides know where the skeletons are buried. Celtic are right behind VAR as a levelling up tool, at the AGM Nicholson put problems down to teething issues rather than referees with very very very strange interpretations of the Laws of the Game.

    • Scud Missile says:

      To the editor this was information put out by Phil the man across the water who got this information from an insider at Parkhead.
      So if everything else is to be believed by him why not this story that he ran with yesterday.

  • Tam says:

    Rules are rules… open to interpretation…so when CELTIC are punished (wrongly) we are told “rules are rules”
    When “the rangers” aren’t punished (wrongly) we are told it’s open to “interpretation” ….. The strange thing is… it’s the same people “SMSM” saying this hypocritical crap

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