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This week Ryan Edwards sees red as he repeats Liel Abada attack on Andy Halliday

Image for This week Ryan Edwards sees red as he repeats Liel Abada attack on Andy Halliday

The main requirement of most folk inside football is for consistency in decision making.

Unfortunately alongside the introduction of VAR the SFA and their messengers have been promoting discretion and interpretation to justify referees coming up with whatever decision suits them game by game.

Last week against Celtic Ryan Edwards got lucky, on Saturday against Hearts justice caught up with him.

At home to Celtic he went over the ball to warn off Liel Abada, while in possession the Dundee United defender kicked his opponent in full view of Don Robertson and VAR Euan Anderson with no action taken.

Earlier in the second half Kieran Freeman escaped a second yellow card for deliberate handball in the penalty box.

Trying the same stunt at Tynecastle had very different consequences for Edwards. With Andy Halliday his victim Nick Walsh stopped play then produced a red card on the guidance from Chris Graham on VAR after a look at the pitch-side monitor.

VAR isn’t the issue in Scotland, it is the way that referees apply the Laws of the Game knowing that whatever decision they come up with they’ll remain on the circuit for a very well paid hobby.

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  • Justshatered says:

    This is a problem for players ironically, the tackles and challenges that they get away with against Celtic they get sent off for the following week.
    As our officials are so erratic in their decision making players don’t know where they stand.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol that’s when sevco play in European football and all those penalties are giving against them they don’t understand it,as its the same tackles and handballs they get away with in the league week in week out but wonder why its not the same rules for Europe.

  • Scud Missile says:

    So transfer bingo continues at the Daily sevco today with another Turkish side linked with signing FATSO in the next couple of days.

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