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Neil McCann’s fury at Celtic Park flashpoint

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Neil McCann was furious at the decision to send Elie Youan off during the first half of Celtic’s 3-1 win over Hibs today.

The striker was booked in the 19th minute for a late lunge at Carl Starfelt, five minute later Cameron Carter-Vickers was on the receiving end of a high boot from the Hibs striker.

Steven McLean allowed play to continue before realising the extent of a head injury, soon after he produced a second yellow to send the striker packing.

Hibs boss Lee Johnson was far from happy with the decision and found support from the former Dundee manager.

Watching Sportscene tonight, Football Scotland reports McCann saying:

I totally back him up. I don’t believe that’s a second yellow. I don’t believe Steven McLean even believes it’s a foul because he doesn’t even blow there and then someone shouts over.

Carter-Vickers is as brave as they come, he’s ducking in there to win a header and there’s a grapple match going on. Elie Youan has lost his balance and still tries to kick the ball and unfortunately caught Carter-Vickers but it’s not a yellow card.

I don’t think it’s a sending off and it’s absolutely killed the game.

Later in the first half Johnson was yellow carded for booting a ball onto the park to break up Celtic’s play.

Hibs took the lead with a 39th minute penalty with eight minutes of added time in the first half for injuries, VAR checks and time wasting. Seven minutes were added at the end of the second half with Sead Haksabanovic scoring Celtic’s third goal in stoppage time.

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  • Charles says:

    If ever you wanted to listen to a totally unbiased report on any Celtic incident this is one Hun you would not contact. Talks utter nonsense weekly on this programme. Said Sakala was onside when he definitely was not. No comment when Cantwell got man sent off for faking an elbow when Foster called Cantwell a cheat along with Curtis main. A total blue nosed wee rat.

    • Frank Duffy says:

      McCann is a snivelling little shite, who is anti anything Celtic. The fact of the incident remains, the player raised his boot high enough to kick a player in the head. Yes, CCV’s head was down but not too low, and it was low only because the forward was dragging him back. There is a massive difference between so called pundits in Scotland and anywhere else in the world! Our Boyd’s, McCann’s and McCoists can never, ever say anything positive about Celtic or highlight an injustice we suffer due to poor refereeing/VAR decisions.

      • Kevin Dunne says:

        Var is designed to help Huns stop Celtic with all the so called ref,s ,they ain,t ref,s just mason,s in black most of them shouldn’t be allowed near a Sunday kick about let SPL and especially Celtic games

  • Pan says:

    The first yellow should have been a red anyway. The second one just confirmed this guy was a thug and acting like a Ned. McCann is not exactly the brightest spark anyway.
    He has held a grievance towards Celtic ever since it became obvious that he would never be good enough to play for them. So he did the next best thing and aligned himself with the Dark Side in order to gain some sort of notoriety. What a creep!

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Hibs also escaped 3, handball shouts in box var no each time but mcann no saying nothing about that another disgruntled little Hitler Hun . As big a gob sht as Bealing Beale .

  • Scud Missile says:

    That FANNY McCann still thinks Roofe was never a sending off either way back in that European game when he just about took the goalkeepers head off with high his boot to make the challenge.

  • Ronnie kittles says:

    I thought it was a harsh decision for the Hibs player to get sent off but the boot was raised so he had to go. Same thing happened to David Turnbull against Dundee United goalkeeper boot was raised not much contact.

  • Frankie says:

    A broken down manager, a Brocken down illiterate pundit, go and pay your tax clown.

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