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Sevco founding father sues Lord Advocate for £60m in London over ‘abuse of state power’

Image for Sevco founding father sues Lord Advocate for £60m in London over ‘abuse of state power’

The Herald has once again decided to focus on the post-liquidation scandal at Ibrox that has resulted in a number of hefty pay-outs from the public purse.

Charles Green and others have been quids in while BDO complete their decade long liquidation process with absolutely no mention of Dave Murray.

The UK Exchequer picked up the tab for Murray’s failed business empire crashing to earth with the Edinburgh based businessman able to cherry pick the few viable businesses to maintain his image as a Captain of Industry.

Imran Ahmad is fighting for damages to his reputation with the former Ibrox director insisting that the claim is heard by an English court.

In September 2015 Green and Ahmad plus Duff and Phelps duo Dave Whitehouse and Paul Clark were arrested for their role in the administration of the club that led to liquidation in June 2012 when a CVA was rejected by Her Majesty.

Duff and Phelps were the administrators appointed by Craig Whyte less than a year after tossing a pound coin across the table to Murray in return for ownership of the Scottish institution.

It seems that a line has been drawn under all matters pre liquidation with the focus very much on the post-Murray events.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I’m still confused why the oldco assets were sold for £5.5 million to the newco ,which included the training complex near Beardsden ! The steel girders alone which hold up the main Ibrox stand would be worth £30 million in scrap value . The whole saga smells like a sewer from top to bottom …

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