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BBC Scotland have plan in place to ditch Scottish Cup Final onto overspill channel

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After demanding a 5.30pm kick-off for the Scottish Cup Final BBC Scotland have plans in place to shunt the Hampden clash onto their overspill channel.

As it stands the Celtic v Inverness Caley Thistle match will be shown on BBC One Scotland with 30 minutes build up fronted by Steven Thompson.

That will follow on from network coverage of the FA Cup Final from Wembley which kicks off at 3pm after extensive build up but if that match goes to extra-time viewers will have to search for the digital BBC Scotland channel to watch the action from Hampden.

Having demanded a kick-off switch to suit their schedules it seems incredible that BBC Scotland bosses are relying on the Manchester City v Manchester United match not going to extra-time.

A 6pm kick-off at Hampden would have avoided that possibility but the 5.30pm kick-off leaves BBC One Scotland viewers staring at the action from Wembley while the countdown is underway to kick-off at Hampden.

Earlier this year Ian Maxwell launched a Marketing Group to maximise commercial opportunities, it is three years since the SFA were able to find a sponsor willing to be associated with the Scottish Cup.

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  • James Ward says:

    Maxwell does nothing to command his salary.Maxwell out now.

  • Mickybhoy71 says:

    This is all part of the plan to degrade the Scottish Cup final and possible treble winners to the point of wiping it off the radar. Give a token account of coverage.
    Do we really think this would happen if it was the klan mob that was in the final?

  • John Copeland says:

    I have a feeling that if BBC Scotland could ditch coverage of this weekend’ s cup final , the publicly funded national broadcast unit would do so in a nanosecond ! Why ? Because it’s Celtic v ICT and the highly probable outcome of Celtic winning , thus achieving the treble triumph for the season yet again , will not sit well with the Beeb’s loyalties towards its pet project clumpany ! What you can guarantee , is the 50 bob production coverage version on the day …. Sardine sized presenter box at Hampden , same old second rate quality cameras in operation ,ample amount of ex , the Rangers people on commentary duties , etc , etc ! End of season showcase ! As we used to say at school back in the 70’s …. Trebal !

  • Robert Downey says:

    The SFA are unfit for purpose, they should get off their backsides , get out there and do what they are paid handsomely for, GET BETTER DEALS FOR THE SCOTTISH FOOTBALL FANS.

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