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Executive Distress as Daily Record reveals another big hitter bailing out of Ibrox

Image for Executive Distress as Daily Record reveals another big hitter bailing out of Ibrox

Kenny Barclay is the latest Executive to get out of Ibrox with the main question being Who Will Be Next?

Last night the Daily Record broke the news that the Finance Director had joined the Chairman, Sporting Director, Managing Director, Youth Academy Chief and Andrew Dickson in deciding to bail out leaving John Bennett and James Bisgrove at the wheel of The Titanic.

While the Record likes to describe emergency share issues as Trusted Financial Boosts there is little in the story to spin a sixth executive exit in five weeks as a positive sign.

Had Celtic lost Dermot Desmond, Peter Lawwell, Michael Nicholson, Chris McKay, Chris McCart and Brian Wilson the Glasgow based publisher would have reporters stationed outside Celtic Park while providing a live blog for their army of readers.

Last night the Record reported:

Rangers have made yet another boardroom change with finance director Kenny Barclay leaving the club.

A host of changes have been made on the Ibrox club’s football board since chairman Douglas Park stood down five weeks ago, to be replaced by former vice-chairman John Bennett.

Since then managing director Stewart Robertson has announced he is leaving in the summer, while sporting director Ross Wilson – who had been lambasted by fans over the club’s recruitment – quit for a similar role at Nottingham Forest.

Last week, long serving finance and football administration director Andrew Dickson left his position and Record Sport understands staff at Ibrox were yesterday informed that finance chief Barclay – who joined the board in December 2021 – is the latest to depart.

Rangers have wasted no time in seeking a replacement, hiring recruitment specialists Livingston James and advertising for a Chief Financial Officer, who will report to new Chief Executive James Bisgrove.

It seems that UEFA’s new Financial Sustainability Regulations are biting even deeper than Internet Bampots suggested with licence issues now dealt with directly by UEFA rather than with a nod and wink from Ian Maxwell, Stewart Regan, Campbell Ogilvie, Dickson or Gordon Smith.

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  • Dan breen says:

    Gibson hong kong mafia taking over at brox.

    Editor: Yeah, sure he is keen to flush away £10m a year watching Celtic lift trophy after trophy…

  • Duncan says:

    This has all the signs of a UEFA investigation looming.
    Why else would the likes of Parks simply up and go in such numbers?

    Telling you now there is going to be an almighty Summer of unrest at Ayebrokes if we lift the treble and set a new world record this Summer.
    I fully expect Dave King to start poking the wasps nest with a big stick.

  • Scud Missile says:

    John Bennett is going to be last man standing over outside the stadium making HEAVY DUTY statements about how things are ticking over nicely at the klub.
    But as Comical Ali is standing there making his statement Sheriff Officers are entering the building price marking items to be removed.

  • John Copeland says:

    Don’t forget the trophy room cleaner ! That person was let go a LONG time ago …. Looks like The Bealy Boy will be multi tasking next season !

  • John S says:

    The last one out won’t have to switch the lights off, they’re already switched off due to financial reasons.

  • John mcghee says:

    Cant wait for that moment the new club follow oldco to there graves and see what the corrupt sfa.spfl do to try and keep them in the spfl and if that happen then Scottish football is finished..

    • Brian says:

      If we never let lawwell keep them alive last time we wouldn’t be talking about this now.

      • Magua says:

        Exactly, Brian. Future Celtic historians will be none too kind to Blue Peter. Not only did himself and Desmond refuse to sue the (Great) architect of the greatest fraud in Scottish history, this pair of total bastards actively collaborated with the Ibrox mob, to ensure that a new Ibrox entity arose from the ashes of the old club…and yet, the parasite who lied to the AGM in 2019, is now chairman of the PLC. This eejit’s lust for money, knows no bounds.

        Hail Hail.

  • Dora says:

    Are they taking bets on when the titanic, financial crash will happen at the flushing meadow of bigots?
    I’ll take a punt at August when the cuddly goons realise everyone has BAILED ifs..

  • Johnno says:

    Directors do not walk away from money in high powered jobs, simple as that.
    Within the footballing world they will rather run than stick around to face the repercussions.
    The power men within the scum ranks are nothing more than rats fleeing the sinking ship at present.
    With even more court cases looming and such a demand for investment within the playing side, the 2 can’t possibly go together.
    Any business will eventually run out of money when you operate with spending more than the income generates, as remains the scum policy still.
    With uefa keeping the watchful eye nowadays then it’s only a matter of time before everything within the scum comes crumbling down yet again.
    Investment into a wasted money pit without any returns, how many eejits out there going to fall into that trap?
    I still believe that administration is yet again on the cards and possibly a case of when exists still

    • Duncan says:

      These internal investments are designed to avoid the Administration scenario.
      Without them they would have been in Admin years ago when the first of many (25 now since 2018 I believe) share issues were used to pay the bills whilst simultaneously diluting the share pool.
      I believe this is why UEFA have them under a microscope and what we are seeing now is business men who have invested heavily believing they could overhaul Celtic and get a tidy return on those investments.
      Problem is even after reaching a UEFA Final,subsequently qualifying for the CL Group stage and selling two key assets for just shy of £30m they still managed to post a £900k loss.
      That’s as good as it gets at Ayebrokes with zero return.Cutting their losses now and doing walking away before the UEFA detritus hits the cooling apparatus in the Accounts Department.
      There is absolutely nothing the SFA or a compliant meeja can do to stop it when it comes.

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