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Love is in the air as Nico Raskin earns Rino Gatuso comparison

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Andy Newport of the Daily Record has compared Nico Raskin’s relationship with the Ibrox Tribute Act to the marriage of Mr and Mrs Martinez.

Roberto Martinez met his wife to be in 2001 while he spent a year at Motherwell, more than 20 years later they are still together after moves through Swansea, Wigan, Everton, Belgium and now Portugal.

After all the hype and spin including a Man of the Match performance in the Viaplay Cup Final Raskin has been a passenger in recent matches. In his last three matches, against Aberdeen, Celtic and Aberdeen again the tenacious midfielder has been substituted early in the second half in each match.

Bringing a little romance to the pages of the Daily Record, Newport writes:

Martinez has had his own insight into what’s required to succeed in Scottish football following a 12-month spell at Motherwell, which only ended in 2002 when the Fir Park club were plunged into administration.

The Spaniard’s time in Lanarkshire enjoyed a happy ending, however, when he met his future wife Beth while she was working in the Glasgow hotel he was holed up in during his Steelmen stint. And he believes the marriage between Raskin and Rangers can be just as rewarding.

Martinez – who invited Raskin to train with his Belgian squad on a couple of occasions before stepping down after last year’s World Cup – said: “The personality Nicolas has, he is a fighter, a winner, a great competitor. We called him up into the senior squad and I loved working with Nicolas. I only worked with him in one stage and it was because of the personality that he brings.

It reminds me of another former Rangers player, Rino Gattuso. He’s got that dynamic approach being a No.8 that he can be box to box, but he’s got the quality when he gets on the ball and nothing fazes him. I don’t think every player, or every foreign player, can play for the Old Firm.

But Nicolas, without a doubt, is perfectly fitted for that role. And then another aspect that I was always looking for as a national team coach is that he is left-footed.

“In midfield to have that balance of having a left footer and someone that is competitive, someone that can go in any ground in any big tournament and not never be fazed, I think it’s been a very intelligent signing.

I can only see him growing and the potential that he has if he develops the full potential, it will help Rangers and it will help himself.”

Tellingly Gatuso also met his future wife during a spell in Glasgow, so far Raskin has only struck up a brilliant relationship with Todd Cantwell.

The u-21 European Championships will run from June 21 to July 8 meaning that Raskin will miss out on the start of pre-season training.

He could have been signed as a free agent in the summer, since his £1.75m move he has started eight SPFL matches, completing 90 minutes in just one match.

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  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    ” … so far Raskin has only struck up a brilliant relationship with Todd Cantwell.”
    Priceless, Joe

  • John Copeland says:

    Newport ,a huge Ibrox fanboy types in his piece that Motherwell were plunged into administration ! You can guarantee that if he was talking about his pet project , ‘administration ‘ would be described as ‘ financial problems ! ‘ By the way the only way Raskin could be compared to Gattuso is their love of pizza …. Especially the ones made in Paris !

  • Davie says:

    Raskin v Gatuso is like putting a feather weight boxer into the ring with Muhammed Ali.
    Gatuso played well in Italy, Raskin has currently done nothing.

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