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‘We will get pumped’ ‘Apathy’ ‘still got PTSD’ Ibrox fans lose their Battle Fever for their big Glasgow Derby

Image for ‘We will get pumped’ ‘Apathy’ ‘still got PTSD’ Ibrox fans lose their Battle Fever for their big Glasgow Derby

It appears that Saturday’s visit from Celtic is one Derby match too many for Ibrox fans.

A draw followed by three defeats across three competitions has managed to suck the life out of the Micky Beale Revolution with some fans even contemplating reality.

The hopes of dreams of Beale, backed up by Treble boasts from Kenny Miller and Neil McCann has given way to the reality of weekly Celtic parties with just Inverness Caley Thistle standing between a world record eighth treble.

Beale has actually won all but one of his matches against opponents other than Celtic but a dull, predictable style of play watching serial losers has left fans counting down the hours until the official end of the season.

One of the strange aspects is that only for a spell in the Viaplay Cup Final have Celtic been close to top form in their clashes with the Tribute Act.

While Beale has tried to squeeze everything out of his squad there is no doubt that Ange Postecoglou’s side has underperformed against their city rivals this year.

If the champions can rediscover form on Saturday there could be one more weekend of distress for Ibrox fans to endure before the arrival of Kieran Dowell to kick star the latest Revolution.

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  • Robert Jenkins says:

    NixonRFC is a rarity. A Sensible Hun.

  • Davie says:

    Best chance of the season for The Rangers to beat Celtic, its their final chance to have Any bragging honours from a pointless match, Celtic have no motivation to win as league is won, League Cup is won, Scottish Cup will endure the toughest challenge of the season against inverness but its within Celtics ability to win.

    The fold like a pack of cards phrase has come back to haunt The Rangers, should concentrate on playing instead of mouthing.
    However words are easy the winning aspect is much more difficult as The Rangers have found.

    The Serial loser trophy is on the way to ibrox, it will be proudly displayed next to the worst ever team in Europe trophy, along with the we lost more money than any other team trophy, yes The Rangers have their own incredible treble.

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