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BBC Scotland rubber stamps the Tillman Deal

Image for BBC Scotland rubber stamps the Tillman Deal

BBC Scotland have bought into Tillman Terms following the collapse of a transfer from Bayern Munich.

While commercial operators chase clicks and revenue at every turn the state broadcaster has no such issues with the licence fee providing them with resources way in excess of any news organisation in Scotland.

Anyone with the slightest awareness of football business would be aware that Malik Tillman has no interest in making his move to Ibrox a permanent one while raising £5m was always going to be a stretch for a club on UEFA’s watch list for Financial Sustainability.

Last week the Rangers Review came up with one of the most far fetched stories ever when they claimed:

a) Bayern had cancelled their agreement and were paying a £1m compensation fee

b) The Ibrox club will get 10% of whatever fee Bayern sell the midfielder for

c) Brighton and Brentford are battling it out for the £10m signing of Tillman

A week after the story first surfaced BBC Scotland are still giving it credibility

Over in the commercial world the Record reports:

It comes after the Bayern Munich ace spent the season at Rangers and was hugely impressive until a hamstring injury picked up in the Scottish Cup semi-final defeat to Celtic ended his season and his loan spell. Since then, there have been conflicting reports about his future and the intricacies of the agreement between Bayern Munich and Rangers.

Rangers triggered the option to sign him permanently for £5 million, but the Bundesliga champions cancelled that which entitled the Ibrox club to significant compensation which reportedly included a £1 million fee and future add-ons. Tillman has been linked with a move to the English Premier League with Brentford and Brighton interested, but Rangers remain keen on landing the USA international.

With £5m ring fenced for buying Tillman, a £1m payment and 10% of a sell on to come it seems strange that Micky Beale’s spending has come to a halt with the Ibrox boss trying to complete loan deals before pre-season training starts tomorrow.

On Saturday Sportsound will discuss the Beale Revolution with Kenny Macintyre and Tom English joined by Neil McCann, Kenny Miller, Stephen Thompson, Richard Forster and special guest Alex Rae.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    It’s a wee bit like the run up to Valentine’s Day, 2012.

    The SMSM were ALL ‘on message’ then as well, with all things Ibrox.

    No money troubles, a deal was being agreed with HMRC, etc…

    then BOOM!

    The SMSM tw@ts haven’t learned anything, and trying desperately to ignore

    all the evidence around them about the problems at Ibrox now;

    – no money.
    – listed on the UEFA FSR Watchlist.
    – no players bought, only freebies/loans, [don’t believe they paid £3.5M for Lammers]
    – court cases – and expensive lawyers – piling up
    – commercial reputation down the pan
    – Chairman, MD, SD & several other senior officers done a runner in recent months
    – another argument with the SPFL

    Just like 2012, we just have to sit back and watch the inevitable Ibrox sh!tshow

    unravel as the season commences.

    Brilliant! 🙂

  • John S says:

    Sectarian Klub Is Not Truthful (SKINT)

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Goodness only knows how The Sevco supporters mindset works at all… They must read all these media publications and believe ever little fairy story they’re fed and feel good and buy more – and so it rumbles on every day of the year… Even after a hammering by The Hoops it’ll still be all ok in the next O** F*** (Sic) game… until it all happenes again…

    Bloody Hell – There have been plenty of things that’s happened in ma 43 years of being a Celtic supporter that haven’t been great but I’d still rather face the unpalatable truth any day of the week in the real world, than go through the comforting lies and fantasy fairy stories and lies that Sevco and it’s fans are fed and believe day in and day out !

  • Tony B says:

    What a coincidence. All these people on the show are ex old klub players, except for McIntyre who’s a self confessed hun and House Paddy English.

    I’m sure this will make for a balanced impartial discussion. Worth the licence fee.

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