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Come back Brendan, all is forgiven- McGowan drops strong hint over What Happens Next

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Stephen McGowan has dropped a strong hint that Brendan Rodgers would be a serious candidate to manage Celtic if Ange Postecoglou leaves to manage Spurs.

Back in February 2019 Celtic fans were shocked that their boss had shifted virtually overnight to Leicester City and had succeeded in taking with him three key members of the coaching staff with John Kennedy and Stevie Woods resisting the lure of a move south.

After two top six finishes and an FA Cup win the wheels came off the wagon spectacularly this season with Rodgers mutually consented a few weeks before Leicester were relegated.

Rodgers doesn’t seem to be quoted for the Spurs job which will be a blow to his ego, there could be other, lower options this summer but McGowan suspects that there could be a re-union with Celtic.

Should Brendan Rodgers ever be allowed to manage Celtic again

Absolutely, top coach, he is one of our own

Absolutely, top coach, he is one of our own

No, nae, never. Can't trust a word he says

No, nae, never. Can't trust a word he says

The Daily Mail reporter has a long track record of knowing in advance what is going on at Celtic, after some Mills & Boon material he concluded his column with:

If nothing catches their eye, they might even be tempted to turn to David Moyes or a Steve Clarke or a John Kennedy. A steady Eddie who won’t spend every conversation scanning the room for chairmen from clubs in bigger leagues.

The trouble is that fans don’t want someone like that. They don’t care about a good sense of humour, a love of reading and long walks in the country.

They crave the exotic outsider who’ll set the pulse racing by firing jibes across the city at Rangers.

The smooth talker who’ll tell them how great Scottish football is to their face, while plotting a move to England behind their backs.

The man-on-the-make who revs up the engine of his Range Rover and hits the M6 as soon as he has a couple of medals round his neck.

The two-timer most likely to ditch them at the altar and leave them crying on the steps, clutching a crumpled up photo of the Lisbon Lions.

Push them hard enough and some might even be willing to speak the six hardest words in the English language.  Come back Brendan, all is forgiven.

Maybe not from all Celtic fans but perhaps ahead of a favoured son of the former CEO now calling the shots as Chairman.

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  • Mark Rouse says:

    I didn’t want him the first time, and wouldn’t want this ego maniac anywhere near us again. He’s a self serving arrogant bar steward.

    • Charlie Kelly says:

      Saved me leaving a comment,said all I wanted to say

      • Celtic Fan says:

        Tell me, what does Stephen McGowan know about anything football related? It’s not hard to read between the lines of any of his football related columns, to know that he leans heavily towards the newco club. He’s not even trying to hide it in his fairytale above.

        Does he really know what’s going on at Celtic? Don’t think so mate. He obviously didn’t know about Rogers planning an quickfire exit towards China for huge money, planning to take Moussa Dembele with him. Unfortunately, Peter Lawell sussed this out and put a limit on the John McGinn transfer offer. An offer that Lawell knew Hibs would never accept, and all just to piss Rogers off, because of his scheming behind the scenes.

        Does McGowan know that Lawell and Rogers can,t stand each other? He was wanting Rogers to go, more than Rogers was wanting to leave Celtic. There’s not a snowball,s chance in hell of Rogers coming back to Celtic. You read it here first.

    • Magua says:

      Indeed he is, Mark. Those same qualities can be found in the man who is current chairman of Celtic FC. Peter Lawwell. A Hun-loving criminal.

      Hail Hail.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    This is football don’t rule out anything .

  • Croftcelt says:

    Could do a lot worse

  • Duncan says:

    He had a large hand in relegating Leicester his stock is at an all time low now.
    Don’t want him anywhere near Celtic again poor in Europe found wanting at that level.

    • Celtic Fan says:

      Couldn’t agree more mate. Backwards and sidey ways football. Outdated and totally modernised now.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Aston Villa and Manchester City BOTH got relegated at the end of 1986/87 having been managed that season by Billy McNeill. The redtops called him ‘Billy McBungle’ at the time (and were scarcely any more complimentary about Alex Ferguson at that point), but that didn’t put us off him returning – far from it. I’m not comparing the two as people, just pointing out that Leicester’s relegation isn’t a factor. They were absolutely doomed once he left. One thing all three teams had in common was a distinct lack of spending money.

    I can’t see BR returning though. Him and Lawwell are unlikely to bury the hatchet and begin a Martin McGuinness & Ian Paisley tribute act any time soon……

    • KC67 says:

      Remember the appointment before the board got lucky with Ange? Yes, I’d take him back, even if it’s only the fact that I wouldn’t trust the board to get the next appointment right.

      • Captain Swing says:

        I wouldn’t be unhappy about it happening, but I’d be astonished given the state of the relationship between Rodgers and Lawwell latterly. That said, Rodgers did turn up for a match early in the season (might even have been the season before last?) and everyone thought he was spying on our players…maybe fences have been mended. Stranger things have happened… Billy McNeill departed in extremely acrimonious circumstances in 1983 but was back just four years later, although the death of Desmond White made that possible. It couldn’t have occurred while he was still there.

  • Don says:

    There is no way! The fan boycotts would reverse the decision in days.

  • Allan Loveman says:

    That article by McGowan is a disgrace and it’s in the Daily Heil ….hope he enjoys the soup

  • Annmcq14 says:

    Instead of Hail, Hail all we have had this week is Hype, Hype from a media we all know have an underlying agenda to sow seeds of doubt within our support about our manager, when we are going for a treble. I personally will enjoy the game today, more so if we win, which is not a definite. The rest we can concern ourselves with later. If he goes then good luck to him, if he stays another year, fine by me.

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