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The Daily Record extends to seven the candidates to replace Ange Postecoglou

Image for The Daily Record extends to seven the candidates to replace Ange Postecoglou

The Daily Record has extended the short list to become the next Celtic manager to seven candidates.

While some of the names listed will be in the thoughts of the Celtic hierarchy the list is mainly guess work as the Glasgow based publisher scans around for bosses that match their own profile of what is required in Ange Postecoglou’s successor.

Graham Potter is on the list alongside Brendan Rodgers, Bodo Glimt manager Kjetil Knutsen is on the list alongside Enzo Maresca (Manchester City assistant), Jesse Marsche, Kevin Muscat and Michel (manager of Girona).

The Record has a clear leaning towards the City Football Group with Muscat, Michel and Marsche coming from the source which produced Postecoglou two years ago.

When Neil Lennon resigned it took Celtic 104 days to announce the appointment of Postecoglou, this time around a new manager should be announced before the end of June to be in place for pre-season training, ideally June 14 should be the date which coincides with the opening of the Transfer Window.

Until a new manager is appointed it is unlikely that there will be any on the record comment from Celtic, while Michael Nicholson has the title of CEO it is likely that Dermot Desmond will have the final say on who will manage the hoops going into the new season.

Just after 7am the Record added Davie Moyes to their list of candidates.

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  • Eldraco says:

    No one has a fucking clue untill it’s done so let’s just suck it up and wait.

    Muscat! My arse. A windup

  • John Copeland says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much bullshit fake news a tabloid rag can invent in order to try and stay relevant as a media source ? Scoop reporters , sitting in their spare rooms stuffing themselves with caffeine and cholesterol in order to stay awake for the latest clickbait revelations ! The daily Record are so full of it that it has quickly turned to the Beale’ revolution ‘ rather than focus on the facts of the story of the week which is Celtic FC and the next manager appointment . Where are the alleged Celtic ‘reporters ‘ like Gannon and Swan giving us the true , correct information ? They are typing up their tales for the Daily Star ,that’s where ! The daily Record’s sister paper .That mainstay of intelligent , inventive reporting ….

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      This has to be the ultimate thickest, densest, and downright illiterate man and women’s boy and girl’s paper of choice to purchase or read online John…

      Sadly I read it walking back from the shop in when picking it up for ma lovely granny – God rest her – but when she passed away 29 years ago – I seen sense…

      In these days they seemed to report on what happened in games involving The Hoops instead of what Video Celts exposes them for these days and all their evil and ill will towards our beloved Hoops –

      Roll on the day they finally perish – it can’t come too soon for me – the champagne is on ice and the malt whisky is maturing along nicely for the celebration demise day…

      If jobs, and therefore cars and houses are lost then so what – I don’t care – well I don’t care if it happens to ‘peepil’ that work in The Scottish mainstream media ! ?

  • harold shand says:

    Just scan Twitter , Celtic fan forums , that Fab fella’s tweets or watch the bookies odds and you’ll know as much as the Daily Record knows on who’s getting the Celtic job

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