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Comical defending, horrible in front of goal- Celebrity Ibrox vlogger gives up on Beale’s Revolution

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The joys of the close season are well and truly over for Micky Beale.

On a wet July night at a half empty Ibrox the Revolution turned into a damp squib as reality dawned on some of the most Gullible Bears.

All the excitement of signing free agents and relegated strikers was washed away by three goals from Olympiakos against flat and predictable opponents.

Star strikers Sam Lammers, Cyriel Dessers and Abdallah Sima made the Starting XI with support coming from Nico Raskin and TikTok Todd whose only contribution was selling a penalty kick to the easily impressed Steven McLean.

In the closing stages Beale’s rabble resorted to picking up yellow cards to show their commitment with John Lundstram and Ianis Hagi playing to the gallery.

Even the normally upbeat Steely could see through the hype of another failed Revolution.

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And wow was that disappointing? Comical defending, horrible in front of goal we have a lot of gelling to do, a lot of work to do with the competitive games right around the corner. Servette or Genk will be licking their lips watching these pre-season games. That was so, so far off it.

In two weeks time the winners of the Genk v Servette Second Round qualifier will be at Ibrox with £5m on offer to reach the Champions League Play Off.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    The defending was indeed shocking last night, and the penalty given by ref

    Steven McLean was your typical, SPL soft penalty award at Ibrox.

    But, it was still pre-season.

    If Danilo was watching last night, he might not be able to find a pen to sign

    that sevco contract! 🙂

  • Tony B says:

    McLean as usual was a disgrace, awarding a non penalty to the team he supports.

    How long does this farce have to go on?

  • Scud Missile says:

    The penalty award is the shape of things to come this season.

  • harold shand says:

    Can they ever live up to the ridiculous pre season hype thrown at them by the media monkeys at the Daily Record etc who are just biased Rangers fans living in hope that’ll they’ll overcome Celtic

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