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Daily Record claims that Celtic fans are getting ‘a little twitchy’

Image for Daily Record claims that Celtic fans are getting ‘a little twitchy’

Even their own reporters don’t think that Celtic fans should be getting ‘a little twitchy’ over the lack of transfer activity at the champions.

So far Odin Thiago Holm and Marco Tilio have been added to the squad with just under four weeks to go until the start of the season.

After four very active transfer windows that have transformed the squad all three domestic trophies are back inside Celtic Park.

Brendan Rodgers has inherited a squad of over 20 players that requires minimal adjustments with perhaps two or three starters to be brought in.

The need for stability was underlined last week when Kyogo Furuhashi and Daizen Maeda signed extended contracts.

With no matches being played it would be convenient for newspapers to have new signings to interview and discuss but through recent successes there is absolutely no need for wholesale change at Celtic.

Despite the evidence in the trophy room that Daily Record opted to ask their Monday Morning Jury:

Are Celtic fans right to get a little twitchy at the lack of big name arrivals so far this summer?

David McCarthy: Ange Postecoglou’s departure was always going to slow down the process but I don’t see any need to panic. Celtic will bring in good players and keeping their best player, Kyogo, in the building is a brilliant piece of business.

Fraser Wilson: Not really. There’s plenty of time yet and I would expect Brendan Rodgers to land at least one big signing especially off the back of the Jota fee. Celtic are in good shape and getting key men like Kyogo signed on new deals was a smart move.

Andy Newport: Bringing in a new boss was always going to cause a bit of disruption to their recruitment work but Brendan Rodgers has inherited a Treble-winning squad and has time on his hands with millions to spend. Once he works out what’s needed, he’ll make his move.

Michael Gannon: There’s no need to stress. Celtic will be in the market for players who are being chased by other sides. These guys don’t jump in July. They will need to be patient.

The timescale for new Celtic signings is clearly being kept secret, until the new faces are presented the Daily Record will just have to hold fire.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    I do hope there us not a bit of CHISLING going on in the background here,spending as little as possible for people on the board to CHISEL away most yhe money for themselves on bonuses as it has happened before.
    No point in bragging about being loaded and being linked with £10 -£15 million players for these deals not to go trough,only to take our eye off the ball while sevco slip in 7 or 8 players.

  • Tam says:

    CELTIC have lost 1first team regular and have been given millions and millions of pounds to replace him. “The rangers” have lost 4 first team regulars and were given nothing to replace them… hence the players “the rangers” have signed up are unknown. CELTIC have signed 2 unknown players but that’s because of their very young age… CELTIC fans twitchy “NOT” the CELTIC fans I’ve spoke to…… plenty of time and money. No panic

  • Justshatered says:

    It could be there is a realignment of requirements going on with the new manager assessing what he currently has to what he thinks he needs to be able to play the way he wants it.

    Because we managed to carry out a lot of business early in each of the last three transfer windows, combined with Lawwell being back, has made me concerned.

    With the Jota money we should be looking to buy two game changers, guys who win tight games for us with a bit of brilliance.

    Continual improvement generated by player trading was what we were told would happen. Well, one of our jewels has been sold and we now need to see the other aspect of that plan being fulfilled.

  • BriBhoy says:

    It is a little frustrating, but it’s still early days. We have a new manager, which will have delayed things, as it did when Ange arrived. I think we were still getting in players like Jota and CCV up until the last day of the window that summer. Had Ange still been here, he would no doubt have been planning ahead and we might have seen a few more come in by now.

    Like any manager, though, BR will want his own players, suited to his style of play, to come in. The squad has only just left for their summer training camp, which is when he will really be able to assess what he has and what he needs. We might even lose someone like Abada or Hatate too, so it may be a wee while before we see major recruitment. We should still have enough of our treble winning squad left to start the season off winning, as any new guys bed in, so we can take our time and spend wisely. At the end of the day, we are strengthening a winning squad, rather than having to completely rebuild one, as we did after Lennon.

    Unlike our rivals, we also don’t have to worry about CL qualification, a squad that’s lost a large number of key players, a remaining squad of serial losers, containing a number of publicly snubbed (eg Colak), disinterested (eg Kamara) and/or permanently crocked (eg – actually, just take your pick) players, that we can’t offload. We also don’t have to work with a budget that is so small and has to be stretched across so many signings that we have to dive in straight away and panic buy (and probably overpay), in case we miss out on even the bang average (being kind) players recruited so far by a rookie manager.

  • John Copeland says:

    You will notice that 3 of the scoops are blue nose typists and the other one – Gannon ,an alleged Celtic keyboard warrior ! I’d like to know who the other genius scoop is who sets the super , highly thoughtful , intelligent questions for his buddies ….talk about mind numbingly banal and boring ! Then again , it is Scotland’s Champion rag isn’t it ?

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