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Daily Record falls for fake ‘bumper Saudi offer for Scott Wright’

Image for Daily Record falls for fake ‘bumper Saudi offer for Scott Wright’

The Daily Record is the latest publisher to fall for the hoax interest in Scott Wright from Saudi Arabia. Another Fake Sheikh.

With Jota completing his £25m transfer from Celtic to Al Ittihad news broke that Steven Gerrard had been appointed as manager of Al Ettifaq.

One little known Twitter account, Andrew G Sport, with barely double figure followers, decided on a little fun by tweeting Gerrard’s interest in one of the worst players in Micky Beale’s squad.

Scott Wright started five SPFL matches last season and was last known trying to convince Preston North End to match his Ibrox wages, typically without success.

The tweet from Graham soon gained traction among Internet Bampots, some Ibrox social media sites started to discuss Gerrard gifting their club fortunes for unwanted duds like Glen Kamara and Rabbi Matondo.

On Tuesday afternoon the wind-up reached Fraser Fletcher who ran it past his ‘Football Insider sources’ and suddenly the Fake Sheikh story had a bigger audience.

Straight away Fletch, a former BBC Scotland reporter groomed by Kenny Macintyre and Alasdair Lamont, was slaughtered for it as the Twitter replies to his EXCLUSIVE! Piled in.

That seemed to be that, until late on Tuesday the Daily Record opted to serve it up to their army of readers. And the replies piled in again.

In two transfer windows at Aston Villa Gerrard never went near any of his former Ibrox stars. With no interest from English clubs in giving him a job the former Liverpool skipper knows that if he makes a mess of his Saudi lifeline he’ll be condemned to a life in television studios with the door closed on a dug-out return.

This isn’t the first, or probably the last time that the Record has been duped. In November 2011 they introduced a billionaire from Motherwell to their readers.

In 1998 following the fall of General Pinochet in Chile the Record decided to make the story relevant to their readers by seeking out the thoughts of Seb Rozental, then on the payroll of Dave Murray’s club.

It seems that there was a mix up with mobile phone numbers with a building site worker getting the fright of his life when what he thought was a wind-up from a colleague appeared on the front page of the Record describing his life of hell under the Pinochet regime when friends and relatives would disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again.

The reality was that the middle class Rozental family had enjoyed a very comfortable life under the Chilean dictator.

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  • Pan says:


  • harold shand says:

    Just proves that the hacks at this paper trawl social media to seek out feel good stories for the sake of one club

    Hopefully there’s going to be more of them getting caught out like this

  • John Copeland says:

    Big Alfoodo will be the next one on the SMSM media’s Gerrard hit list ! It’ll be things like how Gerro can ‘whip ‘ Alf back into tip top shape ,coupled with his ‘ maturing ‘ personality , the Middle East will be their Oyster … The problems with that is that the Scooby Snacks are much , much BIGGER in Saudi land than in Glasgow , and the intense heat drives the old ‘red mist ‘ into overdrive … Dum de dum dum dum !

  • TicToc says:

    Jesus H Christ, I just saw that Wright ‘rumour’ showing on BBC Ceefax.
    FFS, just how far are these muppets prepared to go and just how can the Billy Boys Club get away with pissing the TV licence money into feel-good garbage for the new huns fans?

    • TicToc says:

      PS to above, the next story on Ceeshit, hilariously, involves Aaron Ramsey but omits any connection to the new huns. Well, no rumour here, you’ll recall he missed THAT penalty in Seville last year while all the new huns fans were drinking lavvy water. How remiss of the honking BBC!!

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