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New Celtic signing certainly isn’t shy!

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Kwon Hyuk-kyu has spoken very confidently of his plans to play in England or Germany via Celtic.

Buson Ipark and the Korean media have confidently been discussing the move to Celtic since the weekend but there has yet to be any confirmation from the hoops.

Kwon has been playing in K2 for Buson which increases the leap that he has to make, at Celtic he will find that there is very strong competition for midfield places with Callum McGregor and Reo Hatate automatic picks whenever they are fit and available.

Speaking to Korean website Sports Navar, the midfielder said:

I received a lot of help from Busan I-Park since my youth days in middle school.¬†They continue to meet good leaders, and I’m very always grateful to the team that has led him to grow.

I will work hard to become a player that the Busan club and juniors will be proud of.

I will become the best player in Celtic and go to higher places such as the German Bundesliga or the English Premier League (EPL).

Tomoki Iwata and Odin Thiago Holm seem to play in a very similar role to Kwan which gives Brendan Rodgers plenty of options, or problems.

A year ago Ange Postecoglou was facing a packed fixture list before the World Cup break but this season there is only one midweek SPFL matches before the packed December fixture list.

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  • Charlie Green says:

    Oh dear!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Comedy Gold again at the daily sevco this evening now that the price is not Wright for that megabucks deal with him,they have moved back on again to big Shirley and him leaving Ajax and that windfall again as Ajax are ready to sell him.
    How many more players will get a mention in the this week’s MIDDLE OF A DOUGHNUT transfer BINGO add ons game.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Google translate comes up with some funny stuff sometimes

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