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‘That’s him out for 6 month’ ‘Pulled a muscle’ ‘out till December’ Ibrox fans turn on serial crock

Image for ‘That’s him out for 6 month’ ‘Pulled a muscle’ ‘out till December’ Ibrox fans turn on serial crock

In the true spirit of club media the Ibrox club decided to post a clip of Kemar Roofe scoring from six yards out during a training session in Germany on their Twitter account tonight.

Last season the former Leeds striker made six appearances off the bench with the last of them coming at Livingston in February.

After starting just 27 SPFL matches in his three seasons at the club it is fair to say that there are doubts among Ibrox fans about Roofe’s fitness and commitment.

Micky Beale has brought in three strikers that all experienced relegation last season, it won’t be long before Roofe will be getting branded as ‘just like a new signing’ as the serious action gets underway.

The first SPFL match of the season is on the plastic pitch at Kilmarnock, possibly not the surface to test Roofe’s fitness on with that match followed by two midweek Champions League qualifiers as Beale’s Revolution attempt to join Celtic in the Champions League.

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  • John Copeland says:

    It’s a toss up between Roofe and Souttar to see who gets injured first ! Both of these frauds need to be careful as you can land yourself a proper long term dull yin just brushing your teeth …. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ! Tut ,tut ….

  • Bob (original) says:

    Roofe’s 9-games-a-season stats encapsulate the fundamental difference between

    sevco and CFC.

    Last season, we had 2 full, decent teams of players – and if a game was not panning

    out as expected, we had a very strong bench of subs to shake it up.

    Last season, sevco had a squad of injuries like Roofe, ‘switched-off’ players like

    Morelos and Kent, and quite a few bang average players.

    From January, Cantendwell seemed to be carrying all the hopes of the bears – and Beale.

    This season we should have an even better squad, and that’s with Jota gone.

    This season, sevco is going to have a significantly WEAKER squad, unless…

    Beale can – somehow – magically transform his freebies into top class players,

    [which their previous clubs couldn’t manage],

    and who can adapt swiftly to the SPL – and who rarely get injured.

    Roofe should have been left out of the pre-season trip, to help him decide to leave

    Ibrox this summer?

  • Dora says:

    Ah well, he won’t be missed as he’s rarely played for the wangers!
    He’s gettin exactly what he deserves that high flying Prk….Karma roofe my son ;-)))

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Roofe best striker in Scotland hahahaha , you need to see a doctor and her sectioned you deluded crack head . Get help ASAP

  • Davie says:

    The Rangers sick benefits are just to good refuse.
    Full pay for watching telly, out golfing, night clubbing every night, nice gentle sauna whenever you want.
    The Rangers also pay your mortgage and utility bills when your sick, with a free taxi to and from the sick room sunbed.
    Plus a nice 40% top up on your salary whilst your injured.
    Would you go back to work ??

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Plastic pitch for a plastic FOOTBALLER

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