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Ange Postecoglou’s £40m Celtic farewell gift

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Ange Postecoglou signed off at Celtic b handing the club a £40m profit on the back of record breaking turnover.

Winning the Treble alongside participating in the Champions League sent revenues sky high with ticket sales and merchandise piling up high.

After delivering the Scottish Cup to complete the Treble Postecoglou left for Spurs with Celtic picking up significant compensation.

Announcing the 22/23 figures on the club website Peter Lawwell explained:

The results for the year ended 30 June 2023 show an increase in revenue to £119.9m (2022: £88.2m) with a corresponding profit before tax of £40.7m (2022: £6.1m profit before tax). This represents a record set of financial results for the Club due to a combination of factors as detailed below, including some material items of a one off nature.

Since the end of the 22/23 accounting period Celtic have turned in a significant transfer profit with the sales of Jota and Carl Starfelt.

The money spinning Champions League returns tomorrow night with a match away to Feyenoord with Atletico Madrid and Lazio making up the group.

Many fans will celebrate the accounts but over six demanding matchdays Brendan Rodgers will have the task of matching up against top European opposition to try and maintain an interest after Christmas.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Jumped on FF there for good auld laugh I wasn’t disappointed.
    There was one particular clown who opened up a debate by immediately speaking about Celtic and how the pressure is all on us this week, but then moved on to say I don’t want to talk about Celtic.
    What a banger doesn’t want to talk about Celtic and that’s his opening paragraph all about Celtic.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Aye Follow Follow is the best level of Schadenfreude out there Scud…

      Comedy Gold and good for the heart !

    • BriBhoy says:

      Scud, you think that’s mad check this moon howler on IN. Apparently, despite dominating them for all bar one financially-doped decade since the 1950s, awe have always been “second best” to them until the “hatchet job” in 2012. With revisionist abilities on that scale, this tool must work for the North Korean Daily Record:


      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        More delusions and LIES from LIEBROX BriBhoy !

        We certainly were ahead of them up trophy wise until the 40’s or perhaps 50’s –

        Ok we’ve not been in the time I was born in The 70’s until they died (c.2012) but that was only down to Murray’s Cheatin well aided and abetted by The Banks as well as The SFA / SPFL & Co…

        Sevco have only won two trophies – every football fan of every other club in Scotland knows that so we are ahead just now of The deceased Rangers but it’d be nice to smash The Scottish Football Media (And The Sevco) Lie right on the head by surpassing the combination of the new club and the old club that the media seems to deliberately ignore but is very much the case !

  • Stevie says:

    Who gives a fck about Ange. He pissed off. Let’s move on ffs

    • Scud Missile says:

      Your taking that to far( a wee quote there from Still Game). Ange left for a bigger league a bigger challenge and probably quadrupling his pay and bonuses,are you telling us you wouldn’t do the same? If so your a LIAR.
      He left us in a better position than when he found us,so CALM yourself down with the OTT pops at him.

      • Buggeroff says:

        Well said. Ange lifted us from the absolute mess and depression we were in after losing the chance for the Ten and he totally lifted our spirits again, got the team playing the kind of football that we wanted to see, and he won trophies.
        Whose to say he won’t be back one day? “It’s a funny old game Saint”.

        • Stesano says:

          Garbage!! He only did what plenty did before him! Plenty!! He only had one team to beat!! Appart from the covid ghost league season and under a total fraud in Lennon our club because of Brendan were a winning machine!! Utter nonsense about this Aussie!! He be back in time for his Christmas Barbie I hope!! Sick to death of the love in with this chancer! Did a decent job but nothing more!! Rodgers was and is in another level!

  • the maister says:

    A cupla million of that profit would keep me going until next year!

  • Stesano says:

    Utter bs! Nothing to do with the Aussie!! Oh and he should win 2 trebles! Blew that hun semi! Living in Australia for years I knew what he do! ” EPL mhate'” sychopants! He was taking zoom calls from April! From London all reported in Australia! So no more this guy please!! Sick to death of hearing about him he shafted Celtic! Guy was a nobody! He showed us zero loyalty now look at the feynoord guy he knocked then back! The Aussie first chance off and he was angling after every job in England believe that! Since first year! He used our Great club ! No surprise to me tho Aussies love England and America! Total brown nosers! You need to live there to know! They seek valadation and relevance from their masters! Even the fact 60 minutes Ran a show on him soon as he in London tells tho I knew they would! Not interested in Celtic tho or his time here! As I say no surprise to me it’s not even about football is him saying I am an Aussie I made it and they see his job as their victory! Got live there to know! Weird ! But that’s Aussies for you living so far away I suppose , great place tho give them that! Ha ha

  • Stesano says:

    And he was a nobody he never got any job in England if he hadn’t been at our club! No more with this guy please!

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