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BBC Scotland dig deep for today’s Celtic bashing story

Image for BBC Scotland dig deep for today’s Celtic bashing story

With a Scottish club playing in the Champions League tonight BBC Scotland have dug in deep to find a negative Celtic story for their gossip page.

Celtic’s record breaking accounts aren’t worth a mention but somewhere in the bowels of the state broadcaster they have picked up on a report from Sportpedia that the Celtic squad has the lowest notional value of all 32 Champions League teams.

Like Transfermarkt the value placed on players by Sportpedia has no factual basis, it is simply some geek passing time by going through squad lists. Earlier this year Transfermarkt was valuing Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent at a combined £20m.

Sportpedia is a website to provide detail and guidance on gambling, it isn’t a regular source of news for the team at BBC Scotland. With a negative slant on the SPFL champions it presented the lads at Pacific Quay with an open goal as they slant the news towards their way of thinking.

Chris McLaughlin was able to attend yesterday’s pre-match media conferences which were staged by UEFA.

Since the first pre-season friendlies BBC Scotland haven’t been on the invite list for Celtic media conferences.

No specific reason as been given for the decision, clearly talks between the club and the broadcaster haven’t been able to reach an agreement.

Kenny Macintyre will be faking enthusiasm for the co-efficient tonight alongside Alasdair Lamont and Steven Thompson with expert opinion coming from Kenny Miller and Neil McCann. Tom English is on egg chasing duty in France, running up generous expenses.

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  • Tracky Tony.5 says:

    Who gives a flying f*** about what the BBC are pedalling if they reckon a site that says Kent and morelos were worth 10mill a piece gives legitimate views biased and bigoted companies run by idiots bunch of muppets

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Bloody Hell – What a list of rats that is there right enough…

    It must be as cold as a Siberian morgue for Packie Bonner the only token Tim in that rancid building –

    I hope he publishes some Sevco induced memoirs when he finally leaves that dump if he ever does that is –

    But he’s probably too nice to be upsetting all the regiment of Sevco Huns in there !

  • John Copeland says:

    It’s not only the publicly funded BBC that has a pre UCL match negative story ,but that immoral compass of snide reporting -The Scottish Sun – goes to great pains to explain that the fee Celtic FC received for Jota , wasn’t as large as first thought ! It says that they ‘understand ‘ this to be true .,.. in other words it’s a guessing game – according to a report , of course ! Can’t forget to get that bit in ,can we ?

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    How many ex Ibrox employees are working at bbc Scotland.

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