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TikTok Todd goes all thoughtful on XL Bully dogs

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Todd Cantwell has shown that there is more depth to him than shooting goofy videos and indulging in self pity on his social media channels.

Rallying cries to his adoring followers after set-backs have been the order of the day recently but last night he opted to share his thoughts on American XL Bully dogs.

He certainly got the interaction that he craved with more than 400 replies, many of them sending up TikTok and wondering if all is well with the former Norwich City starlet.

Two weeks ago Cantwell was injured during his latest defeat from Celtic, his manager doesn’t know if it means that he’ll be out of action for four matches or four weeks.

With even more time on his hands and nothing meaningful to do in his life it looks like his social media followers are in for a treat as the main man shares his thoughts on some of the burning issues.

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