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Ibrox chief Bennett hits out over celebrity Sporting Director as Souness waits for his phone call

Image for Ibrox chief Bennett hits out over celebrity Sporting Director as Souness waits for his phone call

John Bennett made what could be a dig at Graeme Souness by saying that the Ibrox Tribute Act won’t be appointing a celebrity Sporting Director.

Ross Wilson left for Nottingham Forest back in April which left the summer recruitment in the hands of Micky Beale.

After celebrating every big name arrival brought in by Beale bears are now furious at the process which has left Philippe Clement with some expensive long term duds and drained the transfer war-chest.

Since the summer Graeme Souness has been on the look out for a new salary, holding talks with James Bisgrove but unable to come to any agreement.

After The Brains Behind Gerrard was sacked Souness got involved in the process to appoint his successor, unfortunately he preferred Frank Lampard to Philippe Clement and went public with that on TalkSPORT.

Covering today’s AGM the Daily Record at 11.32 reports:

Bennett on why it took so long to find Ross Wilson replacement – James Bisgrove and I led exhaustive process. It has to be right for both parties.

“It’s lost on no one that its recruitment we have to get right – not sporadically, but systematically. Some people want to be a celebrity sporting director. We don’t need that, we don’t want that. It’s recruitment we need to fix.”

Souness hasn’t had a direct job in football since the publication of the Stevens Report in 2007.

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  • the maister says:

    Just watched the Republic pump Norn Arne six one. And England one up against Scotland. (Three up at half-time).
    Wales notwithstanding, it puts the Republic and Mother England Herself on the ascendancy! In terms of spors and culture, it has to be said, as well!
    Just because Norn Arne and Scotland seem to be the followers in terms of sports and culture.
    A Border Poll (in Norne Arne) following those trends would put the Republican position in a position of strength, to stand with Mother England and a United island of Ireland as the political imperative for these nations going forwards.
    England could live, I would say, with a United Ireland as their nearest rivals and Scotland, with their sycophantic Loyalist tendencies and Norne Arne a spent State in terms of populist culture!
    Bring it on then, the Border Poll in Ireland and get the smelly Proddy Hun to Kingdom Come, in this land (Scotland) and in Norne Arne as well!

    • bertie basset says:

      every irish man and woman in the 26 yearns for the six counties to be reunited with the mainland , it is a simple fact , and it will happen as sure as night follows day , the dream is fast to become a reality

    • Allan Loveman says:

      I’m a prod as you put it and a lifelong Celtic fan ,I’m now 53 ,when you use that term you sink to the rangers reincarnated fans level ,

      • the maister says:

        Get your facts right Mr. Loveman! I didn’t use the term you said I used.
        The term I used was
        That is the name they use to describe themselves, if you have ever had the misfortune to hear them!
        “We’re ‘Proddies””,
        they say. Their term, not mine!
        You couldn’t deny that they are Huns, now could you?

      • the maister says:

        They never employed a single Catholic at their
        for over one hundred years.
        They are bigots, every last one of them!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yeah, for sure… Souness seems to have wound up Bennett

    even before he was offered a position!

    What a missed opportunity though… for all of us.

    Souness in ANY capacity at ibrox, would have caused havoc at some point.


    And could you imagine the old dinosaur ‘having a quiet word’

    with CantDiveWell about his embarrassing performances, social media output,

    …and the Alice Bands?!

    Absolute carnage.

    Think I’ll add it to my Santa list:

    “Dear Santa, please give Souness a job at ibrox.
    Any job at all.
    Just get him inside.”


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