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Serial loser Joey Barton ends his managerial career with Twitter rant

Image for Serial loser Joey Barton ends his managerial career with Twitter rant

Joey Barton has signed the death knell on his management career with a series of late night Tweets.

Bang average spells in charge of Fleetwood and Bristol Rovers littered with the trash and controversies that dogged his playing career will ensure that no credible club opens the door for a third time.

It seems that coverage of Woman’s football has struck a raw nerve for ‘top lad’ Baryon whose brief career in Scottish football ended with humiliation at Celtic Park on 10 September 2016, soon afterwards they were looking for a new coffee machine at Murray Park.

After bragging about how he was coming up to boss it and put Scott Brown in his place Barton got the runaround in his brief Scottish career.

In his first SPFL match he was nutmegged live on Sky Sports by Hamilton’s Ali McCann during a 1-1 draw, smashed at Kilmarnock by Greg Taylor then trashed by Celtic as he got to taste the Glasgow Derby alongside Nicky Kranjcar, Josh Windass, James Tavernier and Wes Fotheringham.

It looks like Barton’s media future will be on TalkSPORT and lads podcasting.

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  • Captain Swing says:

    Perhaps he can go back to doing interviews in pidgin English for amusement. That was the only thing he ever did which made me smile….. well, made me snigger.

  • Stevie says:

    The guy is a prize wanker. I dont ultimately disagree in what hes saying though. Womens football is thriving and fair play to them. I personally wouldnt open my curtains to watch it though and i know a lot of women who say the same. The attendances speaks for itself and shame on sky sports for forcing it down peoples throats. The womens game actually gets more coverage now than the Scottish league. Let that sink in.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Barton has had a lengthy career with some decent clubs over the years,

    yet has been an average player and manager.

    Can only guess that he must have an incredibly capable,

    and very well connected Agent…?

  • Pan says:

    A gnat has ten times the common sense that Barton has.
    Kelly Cates football knowledge is also much superior to Barton’s. He is a total loser.
    It is so easy for big mouths to put women’s football down. Their comments actually tell you quite a lot about them and their narrow-mindedness.

  • Tony B says:

    Allo Allo. Eet ees Joey Bartonne le grand blouson de fille qui parle encore le merde d’ordure.

    Quel Branleur!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Barton,aye Dick Barton.

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