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SPFL poised to decide as Celtic refuse to budge on Glasgow Derby tickets

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Celtic are reported to be standing firm over the allocation of away tickets to the Glasgow Derby on December 30.

There has been no official comment from Celtic on the matter but their decision to refuse tickets to Ibrox in September was widely leaked to media partners.

For the final two SPFL matches of last season neither side requested an allocation of tickets even though SPFL rules state that a reasonable number of tickets must be offered to the away club.

The definition of reasonable has never been tested by any club but that could change with just over three weeks to go until the next derby match.

This morning the Daily Record revealed:

Celtic are set to stand their ground in the Old Firm away ticket war and refuse Rangers fans entry into Parkhead for the festive derby showdown.

Record Sport understands Hoops chiefs are expecting Ibrox bosses to push for an allocation for the December 30 clash and could take their case to the SPFL. The row could be raised at today’s Gers AGM but Celtic have no intention of softening their stance after they refused to take tickets for the encounter at Ibrox earlier in the season.

It is understood Hoops officials demanded certain guarantees over fan safety after flashpoints on previous clashes – with at least one supporter arrested following the January match for throwing a bottle.

But the Parkhead board insisted those promises – which included erecting nets around the away enclosure – were not met and the decision was taken to knock back the offered allocation of around 750 briefs.

Rangers have received a similar amount of seats at Celtic Park in the past but the Hoops are not going to budge and let Gers fans in until the Ibrox issue is resolved. The Light Blues wrote to the SPFL back in August to lodge their disapproval of Celtic’s plans but the league chiefs couldn’t not step in as the decision had yet to be made official at that stage.

Celtic have still to sell tickets for the December 30 match which leaves the door open for away fans to attend the fixture for the first time since January 2 at Ibrox.

The SFA has a 20% allocation rule in place for away clubs in Scottish Cup ties.

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  • John says:

    If they won’t allow the Green Brigade in they better not allow that lot in

    • TicToc says:

      Exactly, but I just wonder where Lawwell really stands in this and he’s still unofficially pulling the strings at CP. My money is on ‘them’ actually getting an allocation with Lawwell behind it but claiming it’s a League decision and Celtic’s hands are tied. That’s how that snake operates. He really is a cunt like no other!
      But, lest they forget, it was ‘them’ who started this and we SHOULD NOT BUCKLE!

  • Terence Nova says:

    Celtic FC does almost nothing regarding the corrupt way our game is run to suit Sevco…But here’s the opportunity to tell the SPFL to get to feck..!! …Tell them that we do not want this mob’s followers anywhere near our stadium….For God’s sake grow a pair for once !!

  • Tony B says:

    Keep the hunscum out AND stop paying for VAR.

  • Scud Missile says:


  • Bob (original) says:

    CFC can just ping it straight back to sevco, without SPFL input.

    Yes, sevco supporters can return to Celtic Park

    – and in their traditional numbers.

    But, only AFTER sevco reverts to the ibrox away

    allocation: as it was before sevco UNILATERALLY

    decided to cut it, under Dave King’s Chairmanship.

    A satisfactory stalemate then continues…? 🙂

    • Marky says:

      There’s zero chance they’ll get a ticket. They’d need to go back to the old allocations & the Scum can’t & The SFA are toothless & will pass the buck to the teams until Sevco go crying to UEFA…..?????????????

  • scousebhoy says:

    please dont tell me they wanted nets put up where else in britain does this happen ?

    • William Melvin says:

      Aye,those nets would be brilliant at stopping receptacles full of huns piss raining down on the Celtic away support.
      Who actually attends these meetings on Celtic’s behalf ?
      Considering the amount of money they think they deserve being increased yet again you would think they would actually get some “fan input” as they haven’t a fuckin clue about what goes on away from their cosy directors box.

      • Stesano says:

        Condemning even

      • Stesano says:

        They need gone mhate!! Totally held our club back no self made men in that boardroom appart from Desmond and he ain’t that bothered we should have a brand new main stand and 72,000 seats fans are there ! Hey but they want to prop up that poison makes me sick! While lawell has made himself and few other millionaires for what!! Digusts me that man does, and now his Nepo baby on the gravy train! All while guys worked their arse off to support this club, he openly let that poison cheat us!! He a disgrace!

      • Stesano says:

        Regardless I knew months ago and stated so that we won’t give them any! Fact!

      • John mcghee says:

        Put it this way if p.lawwell lets them inside paradise the celtic fans should walk out especially after what that scum club done to us because they couldn’t handle celtic winning at liebrox every game but if fans dont walk out turn our backs it wouldn’t surprise me if p.lawwell gave them tickets well he better put up nets aswell because the celtic fans will toss anything at them what they done to us..SCUM CLUB SCUM FANS AT LIEBROX..

    • Stesano says:

      Any other country on the planet would be condensing their vile behaviour over in that cespit breeding ground of hate! But not in Brigadoon scotand where cowards like keevins put on their “panto hat”while knowing full well these cretins have always caused carnage everywhere !! But can’t be taking ” der hun ” to task ohh no that won’t fly us most the media, referees and the actual people paid to protect our streets are from that poisionous background! What a place no matter what ” der hun ” does we be brought into it!! Cowards and bigots the lot of them, they feed that monster new clubs hordes! Long term tho wish been decades ago! We need out of it!! Whereas they live to hate!! It’s all they got!! Weirdos utter weirdos!

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    Part of me wishes Celtic had not responded to our ibrox allocation being cut at the outset,might have been better to be the bigger man and continue to offer the usual allocation to our rivals, we all know that,eventually, it will be us who are “ accused” of being the ones who started this ridiculous farce

    • Stesano says:

      No we shouldn’t have!! That’s nonsense and doesn’t serve us at all!! Give the poison none!! They are vile creatures and tho most are sh##bags they are dangerous in numbers take none give none!!Suits us fine!! I rather not even play a club from that he’ll hole!! Nothing in it for us it’s they that live of the ” O f” garbage never been us! Tho surely you always knew this? If not why not!

  • Stevie says:

    Discuss it after this game as both have played at home.

  • Frank Duffy says:

    Celtic have in fact offered ST holders who don’t have Celtic v R*ngers games on their ST’S the option of buying their seat for the upcoming game. I know this because I bought mine yesterday!

  • Stesano says:


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