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The dangerous double standards of Don Robertson exposed

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When he awarded Ross County a penalty against Erik Sviatchenko in April 2017 it was clear that Don Robertson didn’t have what it takes to progress in refereeing. Except for viewers in Scotland.

Alex Schalk took an outrageous dive a full yard away from the Celtic defender but for reasons best known to himself Robertson awarded a penalty with the SFA continuing to promote him way beyond his ability.

Over a six week period in the winter of the 21/22 season the SFA had to step in and upgrade to red card bookings awarded for brutal attacks on David Turnbull and Yosuke Ideguchi that Robertson decided were only worth bookings.

Clearly he is a safety risk to players as Kyogo Furuhashi discovered yesterday. Football is a physical sport, there is always contact but when you raise an elbow towards an opponent you are crossing a line- unless Robertson is refereeing your match.

Earlier in the first half a free kick was awarded against Cameron Carter-Vickers carried out a perfect tackle- unfortunately Robertson viewed it differently and awarded St Johnstone a free-kick.

Having refereed two Glasgow Derbies this year Celtic players are likely to be suffering more of Robertson during 2024.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    The good auld corruption never disappoints and it won’t change until the fans leave the players playing in an empty stadium,only then when the money stops coming in the door will the board take notice of the CHEATING going on.
    Hit the scumbags and the shitebags on the board in the pocket,money is all they care about and understand,if they don’t have that income or bonus money coming in with crowds staying away they won’t be long in wakening up and eventually do something about it.

    Should they stadium continue to sell out week after week, well the fans will only have themselves to blame nobody else.

    Get the BOYCOTTING done and started NOW,before it’s to late.

  • the maister says:

    Refereeing a football match is NOT an easy task. I know because I have tried it!
    But the standard of Scots Ref’s leaves a lot to be desired.
    If they were honest, at least then we could cut them some slack.
    But the SFA simply won’t allow it!

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      It probably is a difficult job and not one I’d like to take on…

      But VAR should have made it piss easy for them –

      That it hasn’t has made The SFA and the cheats with whistles, flags and monitors…

      Well actually – Cheats with whistles, flags and monitors !

  • Ian Francis Mcguigan says:

    Why does our BOD stand back and allow the bigoted son of Dallas to be a head honcho in the VAR portakabin when we know he’s been taken out of the firing line of physically refereeing the match because of his incompetence to officiate fairly and without favour. For God’s sake Celtic, grow a pair and get this rat kicked out of the Scottish game .

  • Alan Melrose says:

    It’s blatantly obvious that double standards are the norm in the SPL regarding refs+VAR. And unacceptable when the ref gives a penalty for a dive & VAR stays silent – then late in game VAR is like a hawk to spot an arm flashing upwards after no one in the world sees it – and ref gives penalty to verify an atrocious case of double standards from a double act who shouldn’t be officiating in Scottish football. Robertson is just another SFA plant & he can go on to do as much as Beaton to help newco along. You’d actually think there was a committed campaign & an ongoing drive stepped up to max this season to get newco into position for honours. 4-5 Danny Divers+2:hookey officials & it’s all in motion.

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