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The hurt ,the pain ,the jealousy, the desperation can be fully shown- Daily Record in co-efficient overflow

Image for The hurt ,the pain ,the jealousy, the desperation can be fully shown- Daily Record in co-efficient overflow

With another bleak transfer window approaching the sports team at the Daily Record are doing their best to cheer up their army of readers.

Yesterday’s AGM provided a brief taster of what is to come for bears with Chairman John Bennett looking to take £10m off their running costs. Ditching Kemar Roofe and John Lundstram will only account for 40% of that total.

Last week’s home draw with ARIS Limassol took the shine off the Clement revolution but you won’t find any mention of the Cypriot side’s co-efficient in the Record’s coverage of last week’s disaster.

Despite all of the evidence the Record hasn’t given up on the Ibrox Tribute Act making an appearances at the 2025 World Club Cup and banking £50m in the process. Reality suggests that Sam Lammers and Cyriel Dessers will be watching that one from afar.

Another favoured myth for the Record is how only one club has contributed to Scotland’s co-efficient, again mention of their 22/23 contribution is quietly airbrushed while other fans across Scotland celebrated a record breaking performance from Tav and the Lads.

Yesterday, on the day of the AGM, a deep deep dive into the co-efficient was required with the whopper above going down a treat on Twitter.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol the glue sniffers must buzzing some good stuff yesterday to come up with that shite.
    Not a bit of that klub hanging the right way especially when the daily sevco contradicted itself just the other day from reporting a £252,000 profit for the new klub to reporting a £4.1 million loss,you couldn’t make it up.
    Then they push the big DONALD FAKE NEWS headline about £7 million being spent on the player onloan from Brighton,definitely the grey bus brigade that took them to school whoever is writing that shite at that paper,SIMPLETON FC.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The simpletons on FF are going TONTO after yesterday’s AGM,giving it they need to be better prepared for next year’s by asking more aggressive questions.
    Dark Mingwall started a thread on about asking some serious questions next year,a fellow simpleton then asked him,when are we getting macaroni pies,his reply was fuck off ya wank,what a nice way to talk to a fellow bear.
    Lol how we feel his and their pain.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    The “Carrying Their Country’s Coefficient Cup” will be awarded on Hogmany after Celtic hump them.

  • Tom says:

    I know we are frustrated at our level of spending. But this is when the board are classes above newco

    Editor: The worst benchmark imaginable, one that the board and their cheerleaders revel in.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      A question was asked at the agm about standing up to the media ? You really could not make this up.

  • Mr Smith says:

    Have a look at this chart of the daily record circulation, it’s been extrapolated using the current rate of decline

    The upshot is, the DR probably wont exist past 2027


    • Bob (original) says:

      That’s a great chart!

      20+ years of steady decline: almost a straight line to liquidation.

      And it has been very noticeable in the last year or more that Reach is pooling

      its stories from ALL its UK titles – and just sharing them around.

      You now see a lot of reports in The DR about incidents in Liverpool, Manchester

      or somewhere else in the UK: i.e. there is a lack of local reporting.

      …and you have to read the article down to near the end before its states

      that this actually hapened nowhere near Glasgow / West of Scotland / Scotland.

      Looks like The DR is already winding down its newspaper activities…?

      The MSM – including the TV License Tax funded BBC – is becoming obsolete. 🙂

  • Bob (original) says:

    It could also be OK if we brought in an ‘impact player’, on loan only to season end?

    We do have a decent squad for domestic games, but performances are a bit flat

    and maybe we just need a boost, to ensure we secure the title – and Cup?

    Bring in a top player from a top league: not a buying option at all.

    There must be plenty of high quality players looking for game time?

    [For example, Chelsea must have a squad of about a hundred! 🙂 ]

    Yes, like the Aaron Ramsay short-term loan deal – but without the injuries.

    BR will be looking to do the real transfer business in the summer anyway.

    A known name joining in January, who would get the support – and squad – buzzing?

    And relatively low risk?

  • John Copeland says:

    It’s a nice feel good factor piece just in time for tonight’s banana skin match against Hearts . The last thing the daily Record need or want is any negative vibes pre game for it’s pet project as there was enough of those at the AGM Pow Wow yesterday ..Look out also for stumbling block stories aplenty from the rag regarding Celtic’s attempts to bring in quality players in the next few weeks ….Celtic spending big while the Rangers rely on further loans from confetti salesmen ? We can’t have that kind of story from a tabloid , can we now ? No sirree !

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