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Three matches, three incidents and three referees all let Connor Goldson off scot-free

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With the recent treatment dished out to Willie Collum still fresh in the memory, referees have been going the extra mile to stamp their own interpretation on incidents at Ibrox.

Over the last week Livingston, Aberdeen and Ayr United have all been denied justice as John Beaton, Don Robertson and Collum ensure that they keep their lucrative place on the refereeing circuit.

David Martindale, Neil Warnock and Scott Brown have all prepared their sides then lost out to some baffling decisions, with Connor Goldson at the heart of most of the ‘baffling decisions’.

Five minutes before half-time against Livingston and with the match goal-less Goldson charges in Kung-fu style to a Livi defender, the ball breaks to Fabio Silva who scores with Beaton bottling out of applying the Laws of the Game which would have resulted in at least a booking for the former Shrewsbury ace.

With Aberdeen pushing for a late equaliser at Ibrox Goldson fell to pieces, handling the ball twice in one incident in full view of Robertson who decided to look the other way to deny the Dons, just as he had in the final of the League Cup when Jack Butland wiped out Duk.

Showing his versatility against Ayr United, Goldson knocked the ball too far in front then made up for his mistake with a dangerous lunge at his opponent. After the lack of backing from the SFA following the three statements following the Glasgow Derby it will be a long long time before Collum sends off anyone from Charles Green’s 2012 Tribute Act.

Alan Muir will take on the baton for Wednesday’s match at home to Ross County, his second appointment of 2024 involving Philippe Clement’s side.

The former Monaco boss has promised to resign if any match official isn’t neutral.

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  • James Mc Loughlin says:

    ”Wee Diddy” Rangers 2012 must have ordered extra medals for their ”star men” Beaton, Walsh, Dallas, Robertson when they lifted their first league cup in over a decade.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      And they should get them the most exclusive gold ones when they win the league and all the gold that comes with the league being won…

      And probably free drinks in their loyalist bars forever more as well as they’ll have been handsomely rewarded for all the cheating –

      Reading this just makes me so bloody well glad that I no longer pay even a half pence over a turnstile to watch the farce that is The Scottish Premier League !

  • Bob (original) says:

    And if we fast foward to season end,

    when the SPL title race could still be very close,

    even down to a final day decider…

    who do you think will win the league?

    I’ve never believed the conspiracy theories that PL wants sevco

    to succeed, as it’s supposed to be good for CFC business,

    …but this continued ‘Wise Monkeys’ act by our Board,

    with regard to the repeated, blatant match fixing [allegedly]

    by match & VAR officials in favour of sevco,

    is looking increasingly suspect indeed, imo. 🙁

  • Charlie Green says:

    The Lawwell conspiracy doesn’t add up. Give up £40+ millions in European money to recoup £5 million per season that Rangers liquidation cost them according to Lawwell himself.
    What is going on? Is it that the TV companies would not be intersted in the SPL without the so called “Old Firm”.

    • bertie basset says:

      there’s something rotten at celtic , my mind is made up , when there’s too many coincidences , it’s not a coincidence anymore , and that pattern applies to the officials , referees as well , you couldn’t make it up !!

  • Terence Nova says:

    Your final paragraph Joe, would mean that he’ll be resigning 6 or 7 times…This wee bigoted country.is a joke.

  • Iona Lawrie says:

    Einstein apparently stated, there’s not such a thing as a coincidence. Following that logic, then there is an element of structure to these ‘anomalies’ (John Beaton 2023).

    But yet the mind boggles at the Celtic board action/inaction to either highlight or challenge any out of the ordinary or perplexing decision which directly or indirectly impacts the success of Celtic football team. I’ve ran dozens of scenarios in my head over the years, in an attempt to identify some rationale for the Celtic boards passivity, but I can honestly say, I’ve never hit on any plausible or reasonable explanation. And at the AGM, fans/ shareholders are just treated to contemptuous back slapping ‘humour’, whilst questions remain unanswered.

    There is a real level of malfeasance at the heart of Celtic football club, and as long as those running the club, (and that includes DD, as he effectively appoints PL et al), continue as custodians, there will be no positive change.

    These people have no intention of changing things. So what other options are there to competently bring about change. No ‘fan action’ has had a significant impact so far.

    Editor: My mind doesn’t boggle, anything that brings the two Glasgow clubs closer together is very welcome by the Celtic board who fail to look at the big opportunities outside of the city.

    • Iona Lawrie says:

      I agree JH. But why are apparently astute businessmen in charge of one of the world’s biggest and famed football clubs, so short sighted and bent on promoting sub standards. I do think this stems from DD. He is a billionaire. If he wanted to, he could change the business model with a click of his fingers and it still wouldn’t make a ripple in his finances.

      Editor: Since July 2012 the club has been compromised. The documents are out there.

      • Terence Nova says:

        Joe’s reply says it all…and yet the money continues to roll in ??…We get what we deserve.

  • the maister says:

    And the blind-eye being turned doesn’t stop with Goldson and the men’s team!
    A look at the highlights of the weekends game with sevco Ladies at Partick Thistle will show you an early goal for PTL being chopped off – for absolutely nothing!
    Perhaps the Referee just didn’t see it as a part of the script for the game!
    It cost PTL at least a point, perhaps all three!
    And sevco got a point for nothing!

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Yip maister – Seen That as well tonight…

      It’s an utter scandal of the highest order what they get away with so it is –

      Guys team, Women’s team, at Snakes n’ Ladders or Tiddlywinks Cheats with flags and whistles (I presume there’s no VAR in The Women’s League) will see to it they benefit illegally every time…

      That point could be vital at the end of the season –

      Just like the THREE penalties they were given (until they eventually scored) at Dens Park, Dundee in The Men’s League in 2003…

      Just like the Kyriagous dive through the air at Tynecastle was awarded as a penalty by linesman Andy Davis in 2005…

      Not much our board can do about a game not involving Celtic by my goodness thank fcuk that I no longer pay over a turnstile at Parkhead –

      Fcuk even The Women’s game is riddled with the cancer of SFA bent officials !

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