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Celtic’s Daizen Dilemma

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Instinctively when Matt O’Riley’s shot came back off the crossbar he stabbed the rebound into the net.

As Matt O’Riley was body checked at Hampden he didn’t wait for the referee to blow his whistle for an obvious free kick, quickly he was whipping in the perfect cross for Jota to head home and put one hand on the Scottish Cup.

At times Daizen Maeda is deadly, instinctive, thinking on his feet to deliver goals and vital assists.

He does have other moments however, they were evident yesterday against St Mirren, the times when you just wonder.

It is the obvious answer to say that if he showed more composure his career would have been played out in one of the main European leagues but it doesn’t make some of his lapses easier to explain.

Given time and space to flight a ball into the goalmouth, around the six yard box at head height Maeda often massively overhits the ball, either putting it back onto the other wing or into the stand behind the goal.

It must frustrate the player as much as his coaches and team-mates. His energy and speed is unmatched in the Scottish game, a genuine asset.

But for whatever reasons the simplest of deliveries, the cross into the danger area with time on his side seems to be a more difficult task than firing in a blind cross to exactly where the other winger is racing into.

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  • Terence Nova says:

    He wouldn’t be in my team…BUT…Is it beyond someone at Lennoxtown to spend even 30 minutes each day helping him improve his crosses….It’s not rocket science.

  • the maister says:

    True, Daizen’s main asset is his speed. I think that the reason he misplaces some crosses is because he and the ball are travelling so quickly when he makes the cross.
    Which tends to indicae that he might be better played through the middle, where he can finish himself.
    One for the Celtic Coaches to work out!?

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