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Who’s kidding who? Kris Boyd blasts Celtic over Rodgers statement

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Kris Boyd isn’t accepting Celtic’s reaction to the touchline ban on Brendan Rodgers.

The hoops boss will be in the stand at Livingston tomorrow as a result of his post match comments after the defeat to Hearts on March 3.

A Notice of Complaint was issued to the Celtic boss by the SFA, if found guilty the minimum punishment would be a two match touchline ban covering trips to the Tony Macaroni Arena and Ibrox, two matches being covered live by Sky Sports.

The SFA duly found Rodgers guilty of breaching Rule 72, a two match ban has been applied but one will be suspended until the end of the season dependent on the good behaviour of the Celtic boss.

Soon after the decision was made public Celtic issued a statement saying that they were clearly disappointed, writing in The Sun Boyd took issue with that sentiment:

CELTIC claimed that they were “disappointed” with Brendan Rodgers’ SFA punishment.

That official club statement gave me a good laugh when I read it. Who’s kidding who?

A one-game immediate ban, with one suspended, was a major result for the Celtic boss after his “incompetent” outburst towards Tynecastle VAR John Beaton.

I only have one word for the punishment given to Rodgers at Thursday’s hearing — WEAK. And I would love to know the thoughts of Scotland’s top referees when they heard the news.

You single out an official and call him “incompetent” and only have to sit in the stand for one game?

Don Robertson refereed the match at Tynecastle that prompted the comments and will be in charge of tomorrow’s match at Livingston.

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  • bertie basset says:

    lets hope criticising refs rangers var men and officials becomes so much the norm that paying clubs will have to be listened to and their concerns aired to the broader community , eventually clearing out the rotten cesspit that prevails today , we must strive for outside refs and do away with the cheatons of this world !!

  • Terence Nova says:

    Boyd is also a FUD….End of.

  • Frankie says:

    Who gives a monkeys about incompetent Boyd can hardly string two words together is he feeling insecure, he must be getting a hessian carpet sewn into his head.

  • Gerry says:

    Is Krispy Boyd severely miffed that our club, for once, has challenged the ‘incompetency,’ – dishonesty of our so called ‘ top referees,’ as he so laughably describes them.
    He really is a bigoted buffoon and not worthy of our time.
    The Teflon coating that has protected his Sevco darlings, since their reincarnation, will hopefully, and systematically be destroyed. Let us hope our club’s dossier that has the detailed ‘ patterns of assistance,’ will be utilised properly, in the fullness of time, to achieve proper and honest reform.

  • John mcghee says:

    Boyd ya fat zombie never heard you when Gerald was saying the officials are cheats hie first ever game for the scum and nothing again about wullie collum thats now 11 games and collum has never had 1 game since complaining about him Don Robertson had the hearts celtic game 4 weeks ago guess who the ref is tomorrow ya fat zombie ratbag D.ROBERTSON BOYD ur oldco ranjurs cheated for years using EBT SIDELETTERS yet again you shout the OLD FIRM ya clown you are the most hated guy on sky sports ya RAT..

  • Gerald Freel says:

    Has Boyd forgotten Collum where Rangers received no punishment.

  • Eldraco says:

    Inerviewer” Kris, any comment on scotlands leading referree photgraphed being bought free beer and drinking with rangers support in a well known rangers watering hole after he had just finished a game? . Kris? Kris?

    Nothing? What about wee wullie ? Has he been treated fair? Do you think he should get a run at rangers? Kris ? Kris ? If you would only stop and slow down perhaps i could hear more than get tae fuck ya fenian , although am hindu and no idea what ur on about.

  • the maister says:

    Incompetent is the weak term. Cheating would be more appropriate.
    Keep laughing your head off Boydie. But it will catch up with you!

  • Phelim grehan says:

    I agree with Boyd , calling that Beaton incompetent clearly was weak , he’s an absolute corrupt ta fuck referee and a supporter of the new club , that’s what Brendan should have said ??

  • John L says:

    What an arsewipe , he should ask Wullie Collum how he feels about not being near ibrox for 12 league games .

    I wonder who reads the newspaper to him.
    Village idiot right enough.

  • Pan says:

    Boyd the ultimate HYPOCRITE!

  • Joe Mullaney says:

    Did anyone hear the disagreement which got quite heated towards the end of C1SSB last night? I did expect some mention of it today from a Celtic blog as it really was quite something.

    A Sevco fan said that there was “something about” the SFA punishment of BR and Duncan and Keevins took him to task on it. They asked him if he was present and did he have any proof of what he was saying.

    It was also pointed out that there was no precedent involved in the decision. Suddenly Kenny Miller waded in and he got quite worked up. They went to a welcome ad break and I’m sure there were words during that. When they came back the first caller was a Sevco fan who was calling to back Miller up. Again Duncan took his to task as he was going further than the first caller.

    Miller was quiet and I thought that he would stay out of it, however, to my surprise he waded in again and doubled down. It was near the end of the programme and I’m sure there would have been words afterwards.

  • Mr James A Burns says:

    Beaton isn’t incompetent, he’s a down and out cheat. Simple.

  • Stephen says:

    Glasgow Celtic disappointed FC once again.
    Unreal need someone with balls on the our board.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      They’ll be ‘disappointed’ (The Celtic Board) with officials next Sunday as well…

      While us Hoops fans will be APOPLECTIC with rage about their cheating –

      Because it WILL happen !

  • scousebhoy says:

    this moron is getting a wage the ordinary fan can only dream of the standard of the sports media in this great wee country ? is appalling.

  • scousebhoy says:

    when did the new club give us a rodgering ted ?

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