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One club objected- setting the Record straight over April 3 at Dens Park

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The Dundee based Courier/Telegraph has finally shone some light into the decision not to schedule Philippe Clement’s side to visit Dens Park on April 3.

Taking their lead from the angry outbursts from the former Monaco boss bolstered by the usual announcements from Statement FC.

All sorts of allegations have been thrown at Dundee with barely anyone daring to ask why the SPFL didn’t reschedule the match for the first available date.

The answer to that is obvious, it would only have given the Ibrox club three days to prepare for a game against Celtic but barely anyone in the mainstream is prepared to mention the elephant in the room.

With no loyalty to the Ibrox Media machine The Courier/Telegraph were able to set the record straight:

It is one of the few unanswered questions surrounding the latest postponement of Dundee against Rangers at Dens Park.

After the initial fixture on Sunday, March 17 was called off, why was the rearranged fixture not pencilled in for last Wednesday, April 3?

Due to an international break, this was the first available midweek date in the Premiership calendar.

But three days after the postponement, the SPFL confirmed the match would instead take place a week later on Wednesday, April 10.

The unanswered question has been raised on social media in the last few weeks by Dundee supporters watching their club under attack from all quarters of the Scottish game.

And it has taken on a life of its own as the title race between Celtic and Rangers intensifies, with fans of the Parkhead club pointing out an April 3 clash between Dundee and the Ibrox side would have given their rivals an away trip just days before Sunday’s Old Firm encounter.

They have not been slow in shining a light on the fact that rescheduling the match a week later suited Gers manager Philippe Clement and his squad.

Was April 3 a viable date?

It’s understood a key SPFL leadership figure recommended the postponed fixture be played at the first available midweek date, April 3, in keeping with this individual’s default approach to such situations.

They were also mindful of the upcoming Premiership split.

However, at the request of one of the two clubs involved, the issue was escalated to SPFL board level where it was then decided the game would take place on Wednesday, April 10.

Having taken control of refereeing appointments this season it now appears that James Bisgrove is determining the fixture schedule with a neutral venue an option for the match on April 17.

The next task for Bisgrove will be the post-split fixtures, his club are due to play Celtic, Hearts and one other away alongside home matches against St Mirren and Kilmarnock. Bearing in mind what they have got away with so far nothing can be ruled out for the post split fixtures.

Who is the least trusted referee in Scotland?

Beaton- a back catalogue like no other

Beaton- a back catalogue like no other

Collum- has never had his eyes on the ball

Collum- has never had his eyes on the ball

Dickinson- the dangerous rising star

Dickinson- the dangerous rising star

McLean- nothing will beat the Caley Thistle semi

McLean- nothing will beat the Caley Thistle semi

Robertson- Tynecastle was an all-time low

Robertson- Tynecastle was an all-time low

Walsh- Utterly compromised by the day job

Walsh- Utterly compromised by the day job
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  • Dando says:

    No need to “dig deep”, pal…… the game in Scotland is corrupt to the core to benefit one club.

    It’s quite astonishing that the newest club in the country can dictate what happens with the game here, makes me wonder what advantage they have with their exclusive 5 way agreement.


  • HC Andersen says:

    Hi Joe – not sure who organised the referee questionnaire at the end of the last couple of days’ articles, but I’m conflicted about just choosing one of the six mentioned.
    Can we not have an “all of the above” option?

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Looks like they still haven’t named the ‘one’ of the two clubs involved but still at least one newspaper (and I can actually label it as that) has slightly opened the can of maggots in the stinking world of Scottish Football !

  • Treble-T says:

    If one club asked for the issue to be escalated to SPFL board level, I’m sure any board member associated with either club would recluse themselves.
    No chance of us knowing, unless the meeting was minuted.

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