Party time at the Jo’burg CSC


As the footballing world focuses on South Africa the Jo’burg CSC are playing host to a mini Celtic convention.

Hoops fans in the country for the World Cup have decended on the Celtic Club where Club President Bill McIntosh is rolling out the green carpet for the gathering of supporters.

Every day sees fresh faces arriving at the club to enjoy a little pocket of Celtic hospitality as part of the greatest show on earth.

Bill said: “Every night now we are having sessions at the Celtic Club, on Wednesday we had Tims  from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, United States, Holland, England, Israel  and Kenya with us.

“The Yanks wanted to hear Bruce Springsteen and some of the others wanted to continue with the Rebel stuff so we finished up with “Born in the Old Brigade!

“The whole country here has gone mental, green and gold everywhere, vuvuselas blaring out 24 hours a day…..I have NEVER seen anything like it.

“Everyone attaches a clip-on flag of their favourite competing team to their car,  the Jo’burg Tims have bought an Ivory Coast flag (gold white and green) then made a little adjustment to flag which then becomes green white and gold.

“We have Brian Wilson (Celtic director) coming to the club on the 26th . I’ve never seen such excitement in Jo’burg not even when Mandela was released….this place is going to explode if we win tonight.

“Watch out for the HOOPS up the back of the goal on the right hand side we will be there.”

It won’t all be singing, dancing and drinking for the hoops in South Africa with some serious action taking place next Saturday.

Bill added: “A New Zealand Combined Celtic Supporters Clubs team is playing our dearly beloved Soweto Celtic.

“It’s going be a scream as the NZ bhoys want to do the HAKA before the game and I had to explain to our boys what the Haka was all about-they just shook their heads in amazement.”

Any hoops lucky enough to be out in South Africa can find an especially warm welcome waiting for them at: Celtic Club, 163 Beyers Naude Drive Northcliff, Johannesburg.

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