Selective viewing from the SFA at Hibs-Rangers match


The SFA stand accused of selective viewing after the first major controversy of the season.

Rangers and Scotland keeper Allan McGregor was clearly shown to feign injury in an attempt to get Derek Riordan sent off with the incident captured and highlighted by Sky Sports.

For reasons that are unlikely to be published referee Iain Brines decided to hand out yellow cards to both players.

According to Sky Sports the SFA consider that the matter has been dealt with and no further action is planned despite McGregor’s blatant attempt to get Riordan red carded.

Although there is no-one quoted from the SFA Sky Sports report: “Television replays clearly showed there was no contact between the pair and despite McGregor bouncing back to his feet swiftly he will not face repercussions from the SFA.

“They are only able to hand out punishments if the incident in question resulted in the match officials coming to the wrong decision.

“As McGregor’s actions did not result in Riordan being unfairly treated by the referee, the SFA are powerless to act.”

That will be the same SFA who in the recent past have apparently been in the forefront of a campaign to reduce ‘simulation’.

In September 2007 Lithuanian Saulius Mikoliunas was given a two match ban after the SFA complained to Uefa about a ‘dive’ from the Hearts player during a Scotland-Lithuania international.

Exactly a year ago the SFA through former Chief Executive Gordon Smith were jumping on the bandwagon to get Eduardo banned after the Croatian striker had earned Arsenal a controversial penalty against Celtic.

Smith, speaking for the SFA at the time, said: “Since I came into this post, I have raised the issue of simulation time and time again – both here in Scotland and with FIFA and UEFA.

“I don’t think that I have received enough support in my efforts to eradicate what I believe to be one of the most serious threats to the integrity of football. Last night showed exactly why we must take this issue seriously.

“We have shown the courage to use retrospective punishment when it comes to simulation and I would urge UEFA to do so in this instance. Everything that can be done to stamp it out must be done – starting right now.

“Last night’s incident also brings the whole issue of video evidence to the fore. I see absolutely no reason at all why we cannot use technology to assist referees – particularly in live games.”

Unless in Scotland where the matches are governed by the SFA?

The McGregor/Riordan incident wasn’t the only questionable aspect of Brines refereeing today.

His report on Kevin McBride’s red card should make especially interesting reading. Having watched Kyle Lafferty send Liam Miller crashing to the deck McBride kicked the ball at the Rangers player.

Lafferty sprung to his feet to get at McBride who was manhandled away from the incident by Davie Weir.

Why didn’t Weir do his ‘peace-maker’ act on Lafferty?

Once again Brines decided to dish out equal punishments with McBride and Lafferty both red carded.

Finally as Kenny Miller netted Rangers second goal he raced off the park to celebrate his goal with Vladimir Weiss in front of the Rangers supporters.

As a stickler for the rules Brines should have booked either of the Rangers players for their celebrations but decided not to.

Strangely enough in January 2007 Brines was forced to give Jan Venegoor of Hesselink a second yellow card for celebrating a last minute winner away to Inverness Caley Thistle.

Apparently the laws of the game gave Brines no option other than to caution the Celtic striker.

With selective applications of the laws it’s little wonder that Scotland is treated as some sort of footballing backwater.

The chances of another Scottish referee being let loose at the World Cup or European Championships declines rapidly as the images from Easter Road are shown around the globe.

EDIT Since writing this it has been brought to my attention that Brines really is a stickler for the laws of the game- when he feels like it.

During Celtic’s 4-4 draw at Aberdeen in February Darren O’Dea was booked for booting the ball into the crowd after one of the Celtic goals. A foul late on in the game resulted in a second yellow and a red card for the Celtic defender.

Perhaps Hugh Dallas will use the SFA website to clarify the issue or are the SFA allowing referees to use common sense- ignoring the laws- when it comes to goal celebrations?

Neil Lennon praises The Green Brigade

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  • Joe says:

    Brines is the most obvious biased ref in Scotland today. He gave Aiden McGeady 90% of his yellow cards and two reds in his games officiating Celtic. As for these “blind eye” moves, I know it doesn’t surprise you.

    This is what we faced for two years to make sure Rangers didn’t end up runners up and also defunct. I know, we have faced it for more than two years, but the past two were for more obvious reasons.

    The SPL and SFA will hide behind these rules as long as it suits them. When this same situation involves a Celtic player, watch the new rules coming out.
    Scotland is corrupt and we have all known it for years.

  • Joe says:

    The standard of refereeing in Scotland was never more recognised than in the recent World Cup.
    This World Cup showed the world the worst refereeing decisions of all time, the most hammering refs ever took at this level, and guess which country couldn’t even have one representative to stand shoulder to shoulder with the worst of all time? Scotland!!! That is how bad our refs are.

  • John says:

    Brines showed his true colours last year at Aberdeen when he failed to send off an ex hun for 2 bookable offences.

    It was the most bias refereeing display ive witnessed in years and ive saw Wharton,Davidson Dallas. To name but a few.

    Hail Hail

  • John says:

    I asked Hugh Dallas why there were no Scottish refs at the W C. He said he didnt know why. So I told him why.

    Cos they are rubbish!!

  • Pat says:

    Until celtic and other clubs stand up for themselves against these cheats, like Brines one of the most incompetent individuals ever to put a whistle to his mouth, nothing will change.

  • Eddie Murray says:

    I am back in Scotland for the 1st time in 5 years and can honestly say that watching refs in action Live is an eye-opener. Sunday was an experience and if this is the standard we have to endure from the cheats in the middle, we should shut up shop now. How they are allowed to contribute their “honest” mistakes on such a regular basis, shine a very sleazy light on this society in general. No wonder 90 percent of Celtic fans want to relocate to England! Hail Hail.

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    I know that behind the scenes last Season , Celtic were involved with the powers that be regarding this kind of crap….
    what we can and SHOULD do , however, ….is take a note of incidents like this , STARTING NOW….and use it, if necessary, to address similar situations which will arise regarding us in the future. Then we can demonstrate the imbalance and tell them to get it sorted…..and refuse to accept their sanctions.
    It really is up to US to get this fixed for once and for all…there’s no use moaning about it year after year.

  • Joe McHugh says:

    There’s not a thing that Celtic can say about the events at Easter Road yesterday, however I’m sure that Neil Lennon won’t be shy about highlighting any inconsistencies.

    Brines had a bad game, if the SFA think it can be forgotten about without any comment or censure they are opening a can of worms.

    Every club, manager and player is looking for consistency from officials.

    Brines performance yesterday would suggest that feigning injury brings the ‘aggressor’ and ‘victim’ equal punishment, and that when things kick off it’s perfectly ok to manhandle an opponent around the neck in a ‘peacemaker’ role as demonstrated by Davie Weir on Kevin McBride.

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Joe I fully understand the “official ” line from the Club has to be silence…..
    but it’s Lenny I meant and Lenny I’m looking to ……to highlight any “inconsistencies” that may come our way.
    And I mean HIGHLIGHT… pussyfooting……….. as said before by me and many others…. …this has gone on far too long…

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