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Green reported to Serious Fraud Squad

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Charles Green orange RangerRunaway Sevco chief Charles Green has been reported to the Serious Fraud Squad according to a stock exchange announcement.

The announcement was made by the Worthington Group and is believed to relate to the transfer of assets from Sevco 5088 to Sevco Scotland without the knowledge of Craig Whyte.

Worthington’s statement claimed: “During the course of the company’s due diligence process, relating to its purchase of a stake in Law Financial, information has been discovered relating to the conduct of Mr Charles Green and Mr Imran Ahmad, this has today been reported to the Serious Fraud Office.”

It added: “The company notes the announcement made on 22 April 2013 by Rangers International Football Club Plc (“RIFC”) in which, contrary to other recent public announcements and statements by Mr Green and RIFC, RIFC now, five months after the publication of the Admission Document published for its flotation, claim to own Sevco 5088 Ltd.

“We also note today’s announcement by RIFC, and would like to confirm that solicitors, acting for the company and Law Financial, are in a position to provide compelling evidence that Messrs Green and Ahmad received a letter before claim in December 2012, having received previous correspondence, and chose to ignore it.

“In the light of recent public admissions by Mr Green, including his admission that he and Mr Ahmad deceived Mr Whyte, a fresh letter before claim is being prepared against, inter alios, The Rangers Football Club Ltd and Messrs Green and Ahmad. This letter will include additional or alternative causes of action to those already particularised in the December 2012 letter.

“The shares in RIFC purportedly owned by Messrs Green and Ahmad will also be the subject of this claim.”

Rangers International have launched an enquiry into the claims by Whyte which suggests that the company is unsure over it’s own ownership, assets and corporate identity.

Green stepped down as chief executive at Ibrox on Friday but remains the single largest shareholder in the ailing club which reported losses of £1m a month in their unaudited accounts.

Despite the flow of damaging revelations the SFA have only questioned Green on his links to Whyte, a full investigation into those that provided Green’s club with associate membership is likely to shine an uncomfortable light on those who agreed to the secretive five way agreement.

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  • Mattabhoy says:


  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    A nest of snakes.

  • mick says:

    about time too now will the sfa act before the fraud squad or will they all face the gallows at once

    • maddogg1967 says:

      Mick, Don’t hold your breath about the sfa there is a certain person on the chair for them Mr Ogilvie who used to be be with oldco. HH

  • mark says:

    Can worms open anybody now the fun will really begin enjoy the summer bhoys its going to be hot hot hot lol HH

  • Andy says:

    The SFA will do what they all do and their initials stand for sweet f**k all!

    Pitiful excuse for a governing body that time and again have failed to act as the team from Govan (whatever they are called these days) stumble from one embarrasing incident to another. cowards one and all!

  • paranoidandroid says:

    How many times did we tell them Charlie was dodgy? Some people just never listen.

    Come on Craigy my son! Reveal yourself as the proud owner of the Asbestos Dome. Then tell Tesco that the deal is on.

    • mark says:

      There to thick remember when the whyte night rolled in it was ” in whyte we trust ” never quiet worked out , next Charlie bhoy walks in with the no surrender shite and everybodys a bigot patter they fell for it again payed there cash work done Charlie’s off with his big hands full now a dodgy bus owner himself a convicted fraudster lol there not even hiding it anymore steps in will cash in on the zombies then pass it on every summer will bring a new conman till there’s nothing left then Asda Tesco or aldi buy the land and its all over HH

  • martin kennea says:

    I hope and pray craig whyte owns the assets . Green is an out and out bandit . Atleast Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask .

  • Zombie nation says:

    The BIG Hoose must be shut doon as soon possible! HH

  • jackmac says:

    I am absolutely astounded that the SFA and/or SFL have made no statement or taken any action. Yet again we see a staggering lack of direction and leadership in the bodies entrusted with our game.

    Equally as astounding is the lack of interest from UEFA on what is clearly a situation in need of attention.

    Sadly I feel SFA etc have been to B&Q to buy a big brush… sweep sweep sweep

  • Mattybhoy says:

    AAHh, Ipox is once again Green and Whyte!
    No doubt the huns at the SFA are right now planning a cunning escape for Scotland’s shame and an entry into the second division while the rights to Ipox, murray park and the albion car park are transferred to the next lot of tax evading convicted fraudsters waiting in the wings to fleece the gullible hun fans.
    You honestly couldn’t feckin make it up!

    Unless you work for the Scottish Sun of course 🙂

    Hail, Hail.

  • Jimbo102 says:

    Thugs on the field
    Thugs off the field
    Tax evasion
    Financial doping
    Fleeceing their orcs
    Masonic influence over the ruling bodies

    And I still can’t believe my ears when my fellow Celtic fans say they miss them from our game ?!?!?!?!?!

    That’s the trouble with zombies you need to give them the last rites more than once!!!!

    Chuckles and Googly Eyes thank you from the bottom of my heart for the laughter you have provided and indeed are still providing. Can’t wait till the next comic gets into his stride.

    Hail hail fun fun jelly and icecream fun fun


  • joratim says:

    Make just one point.

    Agree with jackmac.

    We know about the SFA crap, but where the hell are EUFA?

    Have they also been bought when it comes to takig action?

    • Pensioner Bhoy says:


      Good to see your still around old friend and aiming right between the eyes. I have never wondered. When you see some of their decisions over the years you can have no doubts about how they operate. Coffers first, integrity – maybe. All mouth and no do. Now aint that familiar.

      Take care.

      H H

  • hoopno7 says:

    Cant believe we are still talking about Sevco Scotland, 5088, International or whoever they choose to call themselves…. Jimbo above has only nailed whatever has been said a million times before….

    I miss the rivalry of the four plus games we played them every season, the intense proudness I felt for everything Celtic when we shafted them and the collective dejection we felt when we were turned over by them. But, do I miss them, honestly speaking, naw no really…

    That being said, who cares anymore…. We just won the league title and its received as much recognition in the media as a guy farting on an underground tube train AND I cant really gloat in yer face matey with all my died in the wool Rangers loving pals, THAT is what I miss most of all!

    If you take Rangers out of it, you take the buzz out of it…. Regardless of them being everything Jimbo said… HH! CHAMPIONEES!

  • hunscum says:

    I really love it that the tribute act thems are just as corrupt and stupid as their previous incarnation….. Their future is bright their future is green and whyte hehe

  • Wb says:

    Cleanse a “Club” not even 12 months old! FFS time to die!

  • Pablo says:

    Newco are a total irrelevance to us !
    I couldn’t care less what happens to them .

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    What I want to know is, what happened to the three Russian women?
    Did they get home safe?
    And how upset were they at missing out on the Craigybhoy gig?

  • Terry O says:

    Ha ha Rangers…………………you only die twice.Proper Zombies.

  • Joe says:

    It’s got to be making those in the SFA/SPL who tried to bury all of this corruption, not once, not twice, but now three times, quiver in their granny panties.just when all in power at these two organizations paying constant cover up for their old establshment club and the new one whichtook their pace after they became extinct, a
    Ols charlie boy did exactlywat we all knew he one daywould, he cracked, got caught, and………… Yes, he walked away? But those eith mst corruption to hide are now facing exposure yet again. How many bullets can the cheats dodge?
    By the way guys, I stubbed my toe yesterday and swore out loud. Do
    I receive a sspension fr that? I am a catholic.

  • williebhoy says:

    More bluster & threats of court action against each other….why doesn’t one of them simply nail it dead and show the press the deeds to the main assets. For me it’s simply posturing over getting their cut of the profits before they disappear.

    We should be concentrating on the football front, let the police / courts deal with the criminal activity. Plenty of press speculation about players moving on from Celtic, but nothing about anyone jumping the sinking ship apart from king rat himself Green…strange LOL.

    The current Sevco mob wouldn’t have put up a better challenge than Dundee, even when they were in the SPL I can recall bigger / harder games v Aberdeen / Dundee Utd / Hearts & Motherwell…that’s the standard we need the others to attain again.

    Sevco mean hee haw…they are DEAD

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